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It's been useful to me - there are several good bits of paper you can get off the back of it that are good on the CV.

At the time, I saw coaching and NLP as a load of nosh (and in some ways, still do on some days, it's a busted flush with someone who can't be bothered) but I did the additional homework to get the Level 3 cert from the Institute of Leadership & Management. I nearly jacked it in due to boredom until I heard from a civvy mate that to do it in 1 (UK) CIVDIV would cost 4 figures, so I plugged on with it.

DTTT & DIAD, if you fully exploit the atts & dets, build a good amount of soft skills into your CV. My major has always been engineering, but it was the Instructional & coachy stuff that the company liked.

Civvy training quality varies - we pay huge amounts to some right useless bandits. If you come through DSAT, you get a sense of what good looks like, and you can add a load of value to a civvy employer's training & development programmes.

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