DTTT Course

Loads on here about it....
Either 3 weekends or 1 6 days week.
I did mine back in June via 160 Bde.

Point 1 - it's a skullfuck. Especially on the condensed course. My brain started melting around the start of the third day.

2 - the instructors are very good. As you'd expect, being professional trainer trainers. The course atmosphere was very laid back, but the onus was very much on you to do the work and ask the questions.

3 - it's not DITs plus. It's taken as read you know how to do a lesson plan, etc, so don't expect it to be rehashed. Could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

4 - if you do the extra work, there's potentially three quals up for grabs. Try and do the BTEC portfolio on the course, as the staff will red pen it for you if you give them the chance.

5 - the course works. You will come away a better instructor for doing it.

Bit late, but it hope it helps.
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