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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by PapaGolf, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Anyone had any dealings with this company?
    I've got 2 and half years of prior teaching logged already, so am looking to do DTLLS course online (the modules mainly)while I'm in Afghanistan. If anyone has any better, 'constructive', ideas as an alternative, they'll be greatly received. Cheers
  2. Get on the Cert Ed course through Sandhurst. Rather than one evening a week it is 4 lots of 3 days over 15 months with the work done long distance. It is an entirely military cohort.

    I finish in April/May time do if you want more info PM me and I'll get in touch to explain it all.
  3. ASLS use Guildford college, I think.

    I've got to be honest goolge of the name doesn't bring up much...

    Have you a local college that you could do distance learning whilst away?
  4. Its the 'attendance' part I'll have a drama with, as I'll be away for the obligatory 6 months
  5. There are a few on my cohort who have fitted a tour in with the course work done around it. It is easily done. The instructors are ex-military.

    I'm sure Choc Frog has done the course as well but not through Sandhurst.
  6. PG you'd be surprised how many colleges that don't seem to 'do' distance learning that can make arrangements to do so.

    When I needed to resit GCSE English (only got a D at school) the tutor was quite understanding of when I couldn't get tehre.
  7. I don't know this company, but I left the military two years ago with the CTLLS qualification, got at job in a FE college on the strength of that but then had to complete DTLLS whilst teaching. What I did discover is that the CTTLS I had gained fell two units short of being able to move straight on to the DTLLS course so I had to do these extra units as an add on. Doesn't sound much now but its a real ball ache.

    I would suggest that if you have the chance do the course with the military, two reasons:

    1. They understand your operational commitments and your teaching environment
    2. My civvy course was **** if I'm honest, a lot of civvy teachers and a civvy mentality that, whilst expected and understandable, sometimes hard to deal with.
    I'd only been out 6 months when I started the course and there was a serving SNCO on the same course who shared my points of view...many a whispered conversation over a brew!!
  8. Did you get taught the 'new' craze that's sweeping the nation that allows for all methods of learning...

    EDIP. Gen.

    It takes longer to explain though, due to the 'visualisation experience' or the 'eye to retention sequence' and other assorted drivel.

    I think it took most of the day to explain what I could have done in 5 minutes.
  9. Hi - I am thinking of doing the assessor course with them. Surely if they are advertising through the Guardian, they must be reputable - or am I just being naive?