DTCA Royal Engineers. Interview tommorrow. CMT or Drafty????


I was a Design Draughtsman in civvie street before i joined the Army.

I joined the Army because ,even though I liked the work as a drafty, it was boring as sh1t and joining is something i've always wanted to do. I'm 26 too so time was running out also.

I have volunteered for 23 and I hope to get selected for diving at my unit. ( I have done this because I want as much action as possible whilst still doing a technical job)

I have passed Phase 1 and B3 and i'm at the end of my DTCA assessment, i seem to have done ok, i got 85% in maths and 91% in science.

I wanted to continue drawing and went for the Design Draughtsman trade. However after seeing the other trades, CMT is now appealing to me. I have to let them know tommorrow and to be honest i'd like some advise from you lads on what to go for.




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Drafty - CMTs are rarely used in trade and end up knockering or driving. You always need a drafty.
Survey Engineer (or whatever it is called these days).
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
Survey Engineer (or whatever it is called these days).
Er no, :? CMT (Construction Materials Technician)

Survey is measuring out land etc....

So i'm talking about CMT or drafty? What do you guys ( or girls) think is best?

Wingy :?

mate you ned to ask yourself not us.

what do you want to do????
I like the idea of being outdoors and they have told us that draftys will just spend 100% of their time on tour in a tent. I don't fancy that!! But I don't know if it's true or just the SI's and Corporals gobbing off?

CMT appeals to me, and i've heard that the promotion prospects are better in CMT than they are in Drafty. I just don't know what to believe, you get told so much stuff that always gets told different by someone else.

Another rumour is that I probably won't even get to use my trade much especially as i'm going 23??

Drafty is what i'm good at but something tells me i'm not going to enjoy it in the army as it may be even more boring than civvie street.



I'd say draughty, but you are already one, so why double trade? Go CMT and get more tricks up your sleeve! Plus the quals you get for various bits and bobs are good.

ALSO!!!! : Whats all this bulllshit you've been told?

Promotion is the same - doesn't matter what design trade you go for!

Boring? I'm draughty E&M, went to Telic part of search EOD. Definately not boring and definately enough action! And no I'm not airborne/commando either.

To be honest diving is probably one of the more boring things you could be doing in 9 sqn! lol.

As for stuck in the office, yes you do work in an office if you get trade posted (not many are btw), but if you want to sit in a freezing hanger changing tank tracks then crack on! We'll see who's happier!
Thanks for the reply Screw The Nut, we got told today that a drafty or surveyor will never get past staffy, this was said to us by the CMT team. They said that civvies were being used instead and if you wanted higher promotion to go for CMT.

Can I please ask why you have chosen E&M and not DD or CMT?

Btw I didn't finish my HND in civvie street before I joined, my company didn't like me joining the army much. So technically I have DD experience but no degree. I do however have higher CAD qualifications than I would get in my 0-2 for DD.



I suppose you could go for DD and do mega, then you can get into your clerk of works early and get fast tracked. Or go CMT and do it that way. There is more ways to get to the top than just through trade, any way. SQMS, Recce sergeant etc etc...

I did E&M because it seemed the best choice for me when I first walked through the recruitment office doors, and was too stubborn to change it. Was a bloody easy course, just as well as I'm not the best draughtsman around! :)
wingy24 said:
Hmmmm i'm so confused as to what to choose........

Any input from CMT guys would be more than welcome.

Check your PM! Want anymore info, give me a shout!
If you like crushing dirt .... VERY rarely, go CMT and end up in a normal field section. Draftsman is the better of the two but all you'll do is sit in an office making name tags/seating plans for the offices and SNCO mess!

Its about what you want to do the most i suppose??

personally, i'd take the draftsman route and use it to go onto CAD etc and further your existing skills - use the army as a stepping stone to greater things.

Of course, this is just an opinion!
Thanks for the above posts, I think i'm going to go CMT to get different skills under my belt and not be tied into an office 24/7. Thinking off finishing my HND off via learning credits. That way i'm dual traded.

Thanks again guys.


wingy24 said:
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
Survey Engineer (or whatever it is called these days).
Er no, :? CMT (Construction Materials Technician)

Survey is measuring out land etc....

So i'm talking about CMT or drafty? What do you guys ( or girls) think is best?

Wingy :?
Yes I am well aware of what a CMT is and does. My point was that Survey Engineer (which is the other Design Trade) may be a better option than both Draughtsman and Mud Muppet? Particularly if you want to be more hands-on and work outside and if you are as good at maths as you claim to be.
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