DSTL / CBD Porton careers advice?

Right, hopefully someone around here might be involved in someway with CBD - so worth a shot...

I'm looking for some advice on careers, hopefully within CBD / DSTL area - I've worked in a contract research (animal - rodent, dog, pig and primate) role for over 10 years, and was wondering about roles & vacancies relevant to this within the organisation.

Obviously, this is a very sensitive area of discussion, so I would be happy to discuss it via PM, and am happy to verify my genuine involvement in the industry.

cheers for any advice

Hey Labrat

I left Porton last January. I didn't work in the animal lab side of things, but I know it is pretty big. Probably best to look at the Dstl recruitment website http://www.dstl.gov.uk/jobs/jobshm.php

Dstl is rationalising over the next few years and Porton will be their largest site.

Lovely part of the world and the site is pretty nice. Dstl 'management' can be a little shoddy, I found it pretty difficult coming from a military environment. The pay is pretty poor, but there is the flexi working, pension, longish holidays etc etc


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