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Son just passed off from ATC Pirbright last friday and due to start Phase 2 RLC at leconfield next sunday. is going in as a driver/comms specialist. Just read the long thread about Leconfield and was just wondering if anything has changed or are all the issues still the same or worse. ie accom - still crap?, instructors' attitude = still bolshy, lots of sitting about between lessons etc. Id imagine he'll b going into 110 sqn - does the training squadron still have its share of 2 stripe hitlers. Ive told ma son just to get up there stick in, get his quals then get off to his posting before his new regiments relocates back to the UK. as usual any comments welcome (constructive would be appreciated lol).
From an instructor at Leconfield the simple answer to all your questions is YES and the advice you have given him is the best possible. However I would also tell him that the best way to avoid getting an instructor with a bolshy attitude is not to have a bolshy attitude himself. When the instructor tells him he is doing something wrong the best way is to sort it out and do it right. Telling the instructor he is right and the instructor is wrong doesn't usually help the in cab karma.

I spent 2 years on the road and always treat students as I would expect to be treated, as do MOST of my colleagues. However I did have one little darling who told me what he thought of me as an instructor and that was on the first day before we even got out to the truck. So the best idea is not to have preconceived ideas about anybody at Leconfield and take people as he finds them.
raggyavn, my son is 24 and been brought up to respect authority and i dont think he'll have any issues with his instructors. he had his ups and downs at pirbrights (not with the training staff i hasten to add but some of the actual training) and it was an achievement for him to pass off. he's quite level headed and just wants to get started, learn, pass his tests and move onwards to do the job he enlisted for.
I sure he'll have no problems then. He may have to wait around for various courses to start and as he's at 110 he will feel he's got a bum deal (Phase 2's from other corps get it easier). But if he keeps in mind it's still not the real army and play their game he'll be fine.
Update. Son and all the RLC guys from his phase 1 are all settled in. However theyre all over the place. My son and one of his mates in one of the newer if i can say that grey portacabin blocks and the rest in blocks straight out a battle of britain film. Think the new accomodation at pirbright spoiled them lol. His Troop Cpl and the rest of the guys are sound and its not as regimented as pirbright. Hes been on induction all week and hoping to get his hazmat theory done before xmas as theyve all been told itll take a few mths to get thru all the theory/practical tests so boredom i think will be the biggest problem. at least theyre allowed off the camp in the evenings and off all together for the weekend if not on duties so that should break things up.
Being allowed off-camp up in that area hardly counts as a bonus!
It does if one of them has a car.
626 junior is at Leconfield at the moment, not that impressed but just getting on with it, though it got better when the hgv driving instructors changed, first one was a grade one idiot by all accounts, backed up by the fact that the second one was superb and got 626 junior through the test with a pass.

Thanks lol

My sons got his car with him and in fact grew up in Grimsby area when me and his mum split up and they moved down there. So all his schoolmates are down that direction. Its bout 45 mins drive and i know not the high spot of north lincolnshire but least getting off camp breaks the monotony for him. at leccie hes still in the classroom doing literacy n numeracy classes (not his choice) in order to kill time till they get told to go down for the daily queue in the hangar. thinks itll be early 2013 before he even sees the inside of a truck taking into account xmas block leave etc.
45 minutes ????? Its 20 miles from Leconfield to the Humber Bridge & the road is not a dual carriageway
Are you calling Flying Jock a Time/Distance Walt???? Harsh words! :)
Loved my times at Leconsfield.
Tell your lad to stay away from Tracy Trog or any of her now grown-up daughters if you venture into Beverley.
You're a kinky ******, most of us hated the place.......................... As for Beverley? there are a lot of virgins that got lost there.
You're a kinky ******, most of us hated the place.......................... As for Beverley? there are a lot of virgins that got lost there.
Thanks for the kindly advice. I was rct ta and spent numerous times at grantham. now theres a hole. Remember a beast who frequented the local british legion. so fat when she sat down she took up 2 stools, a cheek on each lol went by the name of no-neck. every town connected with the army must have a local character.

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