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DST Leconfield....

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by carmy, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Hello, I hope someone can help me here, I was an RLC army driver and I done an ADR/HAZMAT Course at DST Leconfield a few years ago, did this course cover everything? I.E 'IN Tanks' I'm pretty sure we covered everthing in that course.

    Just wondered because I went for an interview today for a tanker driver and the guy told me that on my certificate it says 'other than in tanks' does this mean I cannot carry hazardous goods on the roads? I'm nearly 100% sure we covered everything on that course think It was 6 days long.

    He said if it turns out its a mistake on the certificate, I'll get the job.

    P.s the certificate is marked on with pen with crosses xx, maybe they've made a mistake at DVLA.

    Hope someone knows what the fork I'm on about but its hard to explain through typing!

  2. I think its City & Guilds who hold the records for ADR exams. DVLA just issue what C&G tell them you have qualified for. Try C&G mate.

  3. Thanks I'll try them
  4. I too did the same course, and my ADR was also "other than in tanks". The Tanker section was done at Wallop as part of Phase 2 training and is in addition to waht you cover at Leconfield. Sorry, unless you did the specific Tanker Course at either Wallop or I would presume Deepcut, then you cannot drive tankers.
  5. O.k the course was 6 days long and covered tankers, I'll have to phone up tomorrow to find out

  6. I have Tanks on my ADR only because the refresher course I was booked on had a load of Calor gas drivers on it. ISTR after doing all the modules 1 to 9 the actual tank section took a morning & was basicly a vid about slow rollover , BLEVE , venting & purging . The instructor told me since I,m here I may aswell just listen in & do the tank test. Which was a bonus as I was only booked on for packages. Anyhoo my ADR shows a tank qualification & TBH it was only a 1/2 day of a 4 day course. I,d deffo call C&G just to clarify what modules & if the tank exam was taken. I,d also ask for the test centers (DST leconfeilds) C&G test center number as this could be used as hours banked towards your Driver CPC.

  7. Anyone know if I can find out dates for driving courses at Leccy?
  8. Sorry, unless you did the specific Tanker Course at either Wallop or I would presume Deepcut, then you cannot drive tankers.

  9. Goodness - Give me strength.