DST Leconfield....... What the f**K?!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrBane, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just spent a week or so at DST Leconfield for a driving course, and am shall we say, f**king gobsmacked as to the state of the place.
    So much so, I felt the need to rant on here. :)

    Now, I'm not old and bold, but neither am I crow, so I have a fairly middle of the road approach as to how the Army should be, and where it should go. DST.L completely changed my opinion on some matters.

    What the arrse is going on in there?!

    Never mind the ego tripping DS f**ks that seem to think they're gods (Buddah, if any), but what about the complete and utter lack of discipline in the Phase 2 & Phase 2 1/2's that are going through there?
    It's like one big gangf**k youth club!!
    Go into the Hub at night and count how many couples are arm in arm on the sofa. Walk amongst the accomodation at night to see how many are getting intimate, or walking around holding hands.
    What on earth is going on in that place? DS nailing recruits, recruits nailing recruits, Phase 3's nailing anything that moves!

    Not to mention the **** retentive discipline they're running, where a soldier of many years is forced to act like a scroat, with room inspections and other bulls**t. Yes, I see we need to set an example, but how about the DS gripping the little Phase 2 bastards and making them follow our examples?!

    As for the DS.... Wow.... In Hangar 1, try and do anything they don't want you to, and you soon know about it. From taking off your Beret (Indoors mind) to trying to arrive... EARLY.... You get gripped, and in a style of a day one week one crow to boot!
    Best bit though, is the way they'll grip you, right until you turn around and they see rank, and then bottle it.
    "Oi!! Oi!!! ********!! You!!! Get your beret back on!! Oi!! Don't walk away from me!!"
    *Turns around*
    "....'cos.. Yeah... You should be setting an example, yeah? Cheers..mate.."

    Weak f**ks! If you're going to bollock someone, have the guts to follow it through, you're DS after all!!

    It's also blatant that some of the DS are nailing those daft little slappers there. You could see where the attitudes changed around certain people. It's just completely not acceptable.

    DST.L is obviously trying to balance its approach to deal with experienced soldiers and new, impressionable recruits, but it needs to do a damn site better than it is right now, because they're making a pigs arse of it.
    First stage, is to grip the shagging going on. Get in amongst the Hub at night, and start splitting the ******* up. No smooching and holding hands and cuddling up together watching a film, or sitting in the NAAFI. No P3 & P2 interaction at night (This also includes having them sharing rooms, which is what happend to me), split it all up, stop it all. It's bang out of order, creates confusion, resentment and distraction, as well as tension, and is not in anyway shape or form, professional.

    Oh, and as an aside, in DST.L, there's not a great deal for Ph2 to do if they're not shagging or drinking, so I like the way I counted about a dozen gambling machines. Good move there, lets instill a good gambling addiction now whilst they're young and easily encouraged. FFS.

    I'm not old fashioned, I just know a s**t camp when I see one, and Leconfield is by far the worst I have ever been to. Even Knook camp was more enjoyable than my stay at DST.L

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  2. Cow

    Cow LE

  3. I agree. It is shoite!

    The only issue I see here is you not getting any action. Perhaps a bit jealous? Past your prime? ;)
  4. Had some of my guys up at Leconfield doing builder's clean after a refurb to the Cpls Mess. Foreman calls me up and says he's getting grief from this 'Army guy' who says he wants all the bogs cleaned. A builder's clean is paid for by the contractor and only covers those areas where they have been working. There was no work done in the bogs but PMC decides he must have tiles in toilets you could eat your meals off and that he wants acid cleanng carried out (expensive and an H&S nightmare).
    I went along and explained that we couldn't do the bogs because we weren't contracted to do them and wouldn't be paid for the work or materials if we did do it. Started gobbing off about fecking civvies, lazy bustards etc, right up until he got his head flushed down the bog by this normally very gentle and easy going ex-medic!
  5. I would like to add my hatred of the place (and unit, for want of a better word) to all of the above.

    Thank you.

  6. Not much had changed in 20 years by the sound of it.

    However, I can't support the burning down of DST, I rent out a house locally and it might affect my mortgage payments.
  7. Hmmmmm....try down in Beverley, your bound to find a piece of ass :wink:
  9. Sounds like an angry bloke who couldn't get a shot with the slappers. ;)
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I resent the accusations of not being able to get it on with one of the many slappers down there. I, against Standing Orders, actually managed to touch a Ph2 recruit, so I could've if I wanted to. However, I didn't. :S

    That's another point, they gave me a little rule sheet, and one of the rules was;
    "No touching of Phase 2 Recruits."

    Made it sound like I was in line for the Gary Glitter awards!! What, am I likely to wander around groping arrses or something?

    No, I was just angry and annoyed that it was completely out of control, the DS weren't bothered, and people were just starting themselves on a long, nasty road to ruin on their career.

    I actually got chatting to a Ph2 whilst I was waiting to go out on the wagon, some of the lads were messing around chatting to her, and I said to her the best decision she can make in the army, is to never get involved with any bloke in the army. She laughed about it, but I explained to her in all seriousness, that if she did, she would forever be known as a slag, slapper, slut and spunk sponge, and no matter how far ahead in her career she got, she'd always be known as the bint that sucked off that bloke or fucked this bloke.

    They come from a highly (Usually) disciplined Ph2 environment to a s**thole like DST.L and just go crazy from the lack of restraints. Ruins all the effort put in by the ATR DS and as I said, just leads to problems further on.


    I also have a dedicated, loving wifey, so I wasn't even tempted anyway. :D
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  13. Ahhh.. you tried the "nice bloke" routine, and it didnt work because she was, after all, exactly what you advised her against!! Hurts though dont it? And you said you touched one against standing orders then said you were only into wifey?? Choose now, which is it to be? :? :wink:
  15. I bet he even used the old "I'm not like other squaddies" line.