DST Leconfield to close?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LARD, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Heard item on local BBC news that DST is to close and relocate to a new 'super-school' in South Wales.

    Any truth?
  2. I think that would be news to the two instructors I saw last night
  3. Wait out on that for the ongoing DTR
  4. Oh no! Shock!Horror! The happy memories of yellow perils and Bombadier Barra(name of a famous Notts Forest Manager). The shame.
  5. New home for REME trade training anyone? If its done right, could even relocate RLC training there also.
  6. Local news last night was reporting that Leconfield is not closing and that is definate. They are planning to spend £40 million on it in the future. Interviewed a local MP who's name escapes me
  7. Staying put.

    Des says "Starting in late 2008, the current METRIX proposals would again see rationalisation onto St Athan over a 5 year period. However, all training currently undertaken at Leconfield, Wethersfield and a number of smaller federated units would remain at these sites. As would the majority of training currently delivered at Chicksands."
  8. Guys,

    Leaconsfiled will never shut.
    Although the locals may complain about the traffic at peak-times, I think they would miss the income more should it ever close.
    In a similar vein, recovery training will continue on Bordon Heath.
  9. Used to live there as a kid -pre army days. Parents only live 7 miles from it now. It would be a shame to see it close, although I can't see it happening soon.
  10. I can tell you now that DST Leconfield is NOT closing, for fcuks sake, it is too well established.

    You show me anywhere else that can do the job of putting 1000+ phase 2's through Dvr Trg on a weekly basis.

    Not to mention all the career courses that are run there.
  11. No, no, no, no, no, fcuking media again, getting the story wrong. :mad:

    DST will be retained under DTR.

    Through the DTR package, £40 million will be set aside for DST, this will no doubt be used for modernisation, etc, etc.

    Those who are, stop flapping, in my humble opinion, DST will still be there when we’re all dead & buried.

    Contract Signature for the Packages is set for Summer 2008...............
  12. Not to mentionion the civy course and the police courses and the millions of quid they are about to spend on it.
  13. Which I hear will include a much needed shiny new Y scale block - finally getting rid of those feckin horrid Portapotties opposite the Mess.
  14. Plus nearly 100 different courses throughout the school, from B3 – Master Driver & everything inbetween. :wink:

    Bloody ‘ell, aren’t they pushing the boat out, I think the only major build at DST since my first visit in 1985 has been Student Reception, that is unless anyone can prove me wrong? Of course I am now very, very old & my memory has taken a severe battering over the years. :scratch:

    Further to the above, but still with reference to DST & its future:

    I remember going around The Museum of Army Transport at Beverley upon my arrival at A.S.M.T. (D.S.T.) in the mid 80's. It was part of induction then for Phase 2's & I believe it continued to be so for a considerable amount of years thereafter.

    That tour around the museum was a memory that stayed with me for many years after. As a teenager seeing the last remaining Blackburn Beverley aircraft, Monty’s Rolls Royce, Saracen, SRN5? hovercraft, et al, certainly educated you & gave you an insight into the history of Army transport.

    As most people know, The Museum of Army Transport closed down a number of years ago. Exhibits were relocated at various locations throughout the country.

    It would be nice to see as many of the old exhibits as possible from The former Museum of Army Transport under one roof again, along with the RLC Museums present exhibits, all relocated within DST Leconfield.

    Now that we know DST, under DTR, will be staying in its present location, what better place for a museum. The vehicle exhibits will go back to where they were many years previously. If I am not mistaken,(This being well before my time.) there was a small exhibit of military vehicles within one of the hangers. Add to this the RLC Museums exhibits from Deepcut & you’ve got a winning combination.

    Isn’t it about time that the largest Corps in the British Army had a museum that reflected a proud & diverse History?

    The last time that I went to the RLC Museum in Deepcut was around 2001’ish. I was rather disappointed to tell you the truth. I believe that it has undergone a refit in recent years? Whether it has had a refit or not, the main problem, in my opinion, is the size, it is too small.

    Obviously a project such as this will never happen, because “The powers that be” have no intention of fostering Esprit de Corps & promoting RLC forming Corps History.......in short nobody gives a fcuk.

    Maybe we could build a decent museum on ARRSE Island? (Second Life)


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  15. My brother had photos of himself on display at that museum :thumleft:

    The best thing about this thread, is that it has taught everyone that there is NO 's' in Leconfield :frustrated: