DST Leconfield - The Future

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by heritagegeek, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. This message is prompted by my interest in the future of nearby former RAF Driffield (East Yorkshire).

    As some of you know the future of the DST at Leconfield is in doubt. Plans are afoot (I am told) to move Deepcut to Leconfield and the DST will move out.

    Question: does anyone have any hard fact news regarding either Leconfield or Driffield?

    At Driffield the hangars were recently sold, while the airfield is still used by the ATE, but there are plans to sell the site off in eight years time, or is this just another rumour? I understand that any overspill at Leconfield will be relocated to Driffield?


    Phillip Rhodes
  2. Jurno alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. bret you got that right but talkin of Leccy brings back some good RCT memories
  4. leccy in 1987... any one score a goal or 7 at quarter numbered 118???

    oh the shame of it
  5. To be quite honest I would pour petrol throughout Leconfield and BURN IT!!!!
  6. Ahhh the old days of ASMT :p
  7. Yep your right. I cant imagine for one moment that its the drummer of 90's indie band The Gin Blossoms!

    Jesus I should get out more!
  8. Actually P Rhodes is not a journo, he has been involved with trying to preserve the RAF Driffield site for some time. Although he won't know me I can vouch for him
  9. And to top off the fire stick on the twat who runs the cookhouse, and the really helpful provo staff!
  10. There wouldn't be much left after I'd burnt all the really helpfull, not full of attitude MGS!
  11. This idea of centralising all RLC Trg into one geographical area has been trashed out for many years.

    Plan: Sell all D.C.L.P.A. associated land down south for an absolute packet & relocate it between the redundant site at Driffield & D.S.T.

    The plus from this being having all RLC Trade Trg, Holding Sqns, etc within a stones throw of each other & having copious amounts of money from the sale of the afore mentioned land to build state of the art Training Wings.

    However all this has been is talk, (For many years.) nothing is yet concrete, I would be interested in where you get your information from.

    Or is this as mentioned earlier a jorno alert?
  12. Good to see that Rumour Control is up to it's tricks again. Either that or your reading one of the other threads on Leccy and getting wrong end of the stick from some unhappy ex students.

    The re-opening of Driff is a far off dream, everyone I know thinks it would be an outstanding idea, it was an excellent base when it was RCT and it could be again. It's a shame to pass it and see the buildings in such a poor state. It's good that the training ground is still used though, at least there’s some good coming out of it. Rumours have been flying around for years that DST would expand there, well we all have dreams don’t we !
    And as for the future of DST, that would be the largest residential driving school in Europe, of course it's future is in doubt, lets face it anyone can teach some thousands of Muppets to drive anything on wheels cant they ?
    No? Didn’t think so. The only cloud on the horizon at the moment of writing this is the inevitable privatisation plans. (Oh and this years pay-rise would be nice sometime soon, if that’s ok with you Mr Brown).
    So hopefully that will answer at least one of your questions. Feel free to ask again, and if I know and I can legally then I’ll answer :)

    P. S.
    Whilst I disagree with pouring petrol throughout DST and torching it, the idea about the cookhouse crew sounds good to me, "Crispy Fried Sedexho Employee Anyone
  13. Sodexho and MGS. Civvy cnuts! And Jim Bowen. How long has he been there?!
  14. BURN IT I say BURN IT
  15. I mailed a mate who works at Leconfield, as his response was