DSSS - Secure voice comms in the 1980ies.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by old_bloke, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. OK worked on it in 84 , not remembering too much now . Was it indeed a Direct-sequence spread spectrum system as the name implies , if so what was the speech BW (3.1KHz?) with CDMA or was it a Digital Secure Speech System utalizing PCM ?

    I know we ripped the last one out of JHQ in 94.

    Anybody have a few bits of info.


  2. I can remember ripping the BIDs out of Lisburn they weighed a kin ton! From what I remember it was PCM and you used to sound like Donald Duck on the line.

    Munch Me
  3. Thats what I remember , PCM and you did or the other end sounded like DD.
  4. Think the bandwidth was 2.4khz and VP was used so you could hold a semi decent conversation. Defence Secure Speech System I think

    Munch Me
  5. Falkland Islands 1985 Wednesday routine. Go to Government House and do DSSS changes. Limp back to workshops and knock one out. The only 2 good looking women in Stanley ran the office where it was situated. They had their own radio show on FIBS, I'm getting worked up now just remembering them. Sorry no pics.
  6. I think one went by the moniker 'Bendy Wendy'.
  7. We used a similar system called Goliath in NI during the 70s and DSSS was on board some major warships and command vessel's during the Falklands Conflict in 1982, as well as at MOD and Northwood but IIRC we were told DSSS stood for Defence Secure Speech System. Took exceedingly long to pass classified information between the sender and receiver and as someone else has alluded to sounded like ducks sh..ting in the background.

    Obviously I never worked on it, but used both systems quite extensively.