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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by loopintheP, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Marketed a house at £790 per month (quite high for non-city Scotland) 3 days ago and have been inundated with DSS recipients!!

    One or two are clearly deluded eg the nutters who told me that they were leaving their current area due to their teenage daughter being "stalked"........oh really, do please come and live in my house so that he can smash my windows instead!!???

    I don't think that I'll take (or need) a DSS tenant but I do find it ironic that they're better placed to rent at the upper end of the scale than most, and its clearly a very good market if risk can be minimised.

    What's the general opinion on DSS tenants?


    You need your head examined to even ask that question.

    My In-Laws were seriously fucked over by some slag who stole everything (including the ******* boiler and interior doors) and the Social Services would only wring their hands in helplesness / uselesness.

    Oh, and I forgot to add the gratuitous damage!
  3. You'd have to vet them or anyone closely. I had some move into a house opposite me, they had no problems staying up while the early hours in the summer having parties in the garden. Loads of noise, they got about seven cats, infested the place with fleas. When they got evicted the estate agent had industrial cleaners in, cat shit evertwhere, fleas took ages and two lots of visits to get rid of them. The next lot who lived in the house were a young couple, both worked, both obese, they bought two dogs, too idle to walk them so the garden and patio was full of dog shit and piss, really classy. When they moved out because they couldn't afford it the owner had enough and sold it.
  4. I'd also want to do regular inspections, don't trust an estate agency to check your property.
  5. Not all DSS deserved to be tarred with the same brush. As usual, its the minority that spoil it for the rest.

    Private tenants can be just as bad, leaving after 6 months plus after only paying first month and bond. (and they can cause just as much damage as non DSS pikeys)

    Rule of thumb, vet all applicants carefully, DSS or not and get them round for a second viewing before you agree, a second look sometimes does wonders...My sis and her fella do property for a living and work at all scales of the market.
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  6. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I concur with the nocturnal one.

    I've had four Latvians living in my property just over 3 years. Ok my first thought was that they're hardworking Eastern Europeans and will not want to get a bad rep. Wrong!

    They paid as and when it suited them, got pets even though it said no pets. As a result I'll have to get the place fumigated now when they leave. They paid later and later in the month that eventually they were so far behind I had to serve notice. I eventually found out that one of them had left, the other had been kicked out by her other half after a series of domestics which resulted in her changing all MY locks, and was also the reason why the remaining two had been struggling with the payments. So the other one had decided to move HIS other half into my house without saying a word. They've broken my neighbour's fence, bins are overflowing after the second day of collection, and each time they need to pay up they suddenly forget how to speak English.

    Funny that, because everyone something has gone wrong i.e. Washing machine, combination boiler etc, they've had no problem in bringing this to my attention.
  7. Just out of interest, who is the 'nocturnal one'?
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Jarrod :)
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  9. I heard he sleeps in a pine box during the day.....
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  10. in my short tenure as a land lord i rented out a two bed flat in london, couple seemed nice, hardworking, .....and sub letted it without my knowledge......to a dealer who turned said flat into a weed factory..
  11. **** all to do with whether they're DSS or full-time employed! As said, vet them as they are and not stereotype them beforehand. Having a job or lots of money, doesn't mean that they won't wreck your property or cause you huge problems!
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  12. During the recession, me and my Missus (now ex thank god) moved into a barn conversion on a farm. I was newly laid off and she heavily pregnant.

    The farmer took a punt on us.

    I was working within the month, she kept the place spotless (and I mean OCD clean) and I helped out around on his land and made improvements to the property out of my own pocket and graft (with his consent). We was there a good while and only moved due to more space needed for our second child. He said he could not have hoped for better tenants and was sad to see us go.

    The place was in better nick when we left and we were the first people to live in it in over 600 years following a refurb
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  13. As a landlord I've had three sets of tenants so far, first one was excellent, second a nightmare and the current one is fine and so far (touch wood) has not given me any grief. If you want to be in the landlord game my advice is (as others have said) vet your tennants as much as you can, references, proper deposits etc but always be prepared for surprises. My nightmare tennant seemed as good as gold............
  14. Thanks for the views. I'm not a nig to this game but was surprised by the number of DSS applicants. I agree that the reduction of risk by vetting etc is the bottom line and you lot have rft that in my mind.

    I'm forming the impression that DSS (especially up here!) is a teet that can be sucked by Landlords....there is even a scheme that allows landlords to benefit from upto £3500 for energy saving improvements as long as the DSS client makes the bid!!!!

    I've actually found myself telling potential tenants that they MUST consider the overall costs of the house not just the rental figure.....

    I found this guy fairly useful as a reference btw: Property Investment | Landlord Blog | Landlord Advice | Landlord Information