DSR-1 .338 Lapua Magnum

At the range this morning one of the lads had one of these with him.


It's a very impressive rifle indeed, both visually and in terms of performance. Very pleasant to fire, due to the weight and the muzzle break I presume.

Unfortunately, we only had the chance to try it at 200m today, but I'm assured that it performs just as well at long range. I'm now waiting patiently for the lottery draw so that I can afford to buy one too....

Manufacturers website:

DSR-Precision.com - en


Anyone else tried one? Any opinions on it?

I'm surprised that with your post-count you ask such a wah question. Of course it's good. and it's 'muzzle BRAKE' BTW.

Do yourself a favour, and treat yourself to the Desert Tactical Arms bull-pup instead - three thousand quid cheaper, maybe enough saving to buy a couple of different calibre barrels.

A pal of mine imports them into UK and we are often lucky enough to get to shoot a couple of different calibres that he's demo-ing to a rich person, often, if we are good, he lets us poor folk prove a point to a customer by letting us shoot a group to show that any total mong can shoot it well. Even a left-handed formerly ginger Irish/Canadian older Jewish person like me can carry out a calibre change in under 45 seconds.

As for 'opinions' - they're like *********, everybody has one, but in general you can take it that folks generally don't fork out 10-12 kilopounds on a piece of shite, unless you know different, of course.

You could also read the reviews that you've quoted and save me a lot of my time telling you what I thought about it. No doubt Indiana Jones in the review has ordered his already.

What has post count got to do with anything you numpty?

I presume you haven't tried one then?

Yes, the price is even higher than I'd expected, I didn't find out how much more till I added the link to the review after I'd posted (yes he liked it too!). This is only the second .338 rifle I've tried, the other was one of the Frømandskorpsets TRG42s. Also a very nice rifle, but a fair bit cheaper (though just as expensive to feed!)
You really are in a bad mood today aren't you? Is your missus on the blob, or are you just a miserable sod in general?

Why do you keep harping on about me writing break instead of brake? So what? Over here it's called a mundingsbremse.

So, if you actually have shot one, perhaps you could tell us what you thought of it, instead of just gobbing off?
Wasn't it? Lovely rifle though, less felt recoil than my Mosin and accuracy of 1/2 MOA. I would have loved to try it at longer range.
Another club I'm in usually has a shoot at a 600m range a couple of times a year, I'll have to invite the DSR's owner along next time and he can show us what it can do.
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