DSPS(A) Newsletter 2/10 - Read Between the Lines

'...examining the scope for different and more efficient ways of working.'

'...help to ensure that informed judgements are made about the risks inherent in any proposals to reduce SPS manpower...'

'...any changes to the delivery of military HR administration must occur in a measured timeframe, which best mitigates the risk of Service Delivery failure.'

'...all areas of Defence are being scrutinised, some of which will have a significant impact on the way SPS Branch delivers its core business.'

'...seeks to identify possible unit level functions/activities that might be delivered through ‘Centres of Excellence’ in order to consolidate the provision of effort intensive tasks.'

'...determine why NFL (non front line) posts should be filled by uniformed personnel in order to ensure the Army’s liability is appropriately focused on supporting Front Line units.'

'Whilst a Tri-Service inspection regime is some way off, DSPS(A) is working [to] scope the application of harmonised Tri-Service management checks.'

The HR future appears to be smaller, very much forward, and purple.



Can't see why we never employed civvy typists in the first place. They would be cheaper, and no doubt more efficient. They should just hang on to a slack handfull of you for deployment and off the rest.

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