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War Hero
Can someone give me a brief outline on what happens on this course? And thanks but Ive gotten the bit about it having stuff to do with safety and dems!! :) Cheers
Cheers asr1, much appreciated
Did this course ten years ago as an Inf Pioneer Csgt - what a feckin' great time i had!! plenty of 'hands on', but plenty of 'calc u la mations' to make too...all kinds of bods on it from 'them' to REME sgts needing to know how to blow the over tightend track off a warrior . You get to write loads of exercises - loads of safety too and there is some night studies and 'Course work' to do, but the main range day it the dogs wadger! you will never do a better course in your life!!!! not even (inter) course...the RE Snco's were all tops blokes too ..the course OC was a canuck who said 'Alloo mi num' but he was ok, although we didn't see a lot of him..seriously, you will love it ..if you don't ,then i suggest you leave and join the girl guides....i still 'get wood' now just thinking about it....

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