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Hi, I was hoping someone here would be able to advise me concerning how things work with the language courses the army offers.

Im TA, not reg, and a student in the real world. I remember seeing information posted concerning opportunities to undertake language courses up to interpreter level, and then on completion of said course go on an operational tour, in a role using your newly taught skill.

I know this is open to the TA, but how does it work? Would you be paid a regular army wage to attend the 18 month course, or does the army subsidise it in some way? Given that you are volunteering for a tour at the end of the course, I assume the army does assist you in some way, however it strikes me as being too good to be true for them to actually pay me to do a course, which would otherwise cost me £9,000 + in university tuition fees to do! Also, are there any rank requirements?
Speak to your Adjt. He can put you in touch with DSL and you will get a broader idea of your options and terms of service.

The general route you suggest is eminently feasible; my experience is of officers attending DSL (as non-TA Int Corps Lings/RAF) but if you show an aptitude for a language then I'm sure you will be accepted. Just don't expect to learn French/Spanish - it will be Arabic/Pashto.

I have met one individual recently from the TA who has completed 3 TELIC tours since 2002 on the back of an Arabic operator cse having quit his job. The choice is yours.

I know a couple of TA guys who are doing it on an FTRS basis for 3 years, They're on a full-time contract for that period and it will include 2 x op tours.

There may be other options.

Good advice from C-H, speak to your Adjt if you want to find out what's on offer.

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