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On The Raw Story French soft drink makers unveil ‘DSK’ aphrodisiac beverage
A fizzy drink with alleged aphrodisiac qualities carrying the initials of disgraced IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will hit French night clubs this summer, its makers said.

The Drink Safran Kiwi (DSK, or Saffron Kiwi Drink), to be sold in Paris and the French Riviera, is geared towards “the in-crowd, night clubbers” who will mix it with a hard drink, its designer Stephane Briault told AFP.
Guaranteed to turn you into a rutting chimpanzee, allegedly.

Not sure if this is the best message to send to the ladies, unless they are hotel maids looking to sue your arse off.
Hmmmn. I'd feed it to MrsPlume, but strangely enough for a New Zealander she's allergic to Kiwi fruit. Still, perhaps I could use it to poison her if we fall out.
Maybe it can be imported. . . . . . Look I've been working very hard lately and things have been difficult!


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that'll be the high concentrations of Cadmium found in Stella mate - well known fact, ask anyone....
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