DSFC Selection Board - Can some one shead light on it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wannabesapper, May 30, 2008.

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  1. If I get onto it, I will be going to the Welbeck AOSB in early July and wondering if anyone has done it recently and could tell me what goes on and/or any useful tips for Selection Boards generally?

  2. hi,
    i sat the first dsfc aosb and passed. you want to go on the bbc website and learn the names of various people in the government. Good general knowledge is good as questions range from 'who is the number one scottish tennis player?' to 'who is the shadow defence secretary?'. Just dont be nervous and make sure you know in your head why you want to go to dsfc and why you want to be in the army, dont be fake but just be certain.
    Next, make sure you can run 500m, dont worry if you dont think you're amazing, just finish it. good strength is a bonus on the leadership challenges as i found my self hanging from a platform and had to pull myself up, also have to lift heavy things. Be really outspoken in the leadership things and let them know you know what you are doing, even if you really dont.
    Also in the planning excercise spend part of the time memorising even teh smallest of details, the distances, the people's names etc. I got asked who this mans great aunt was, something i had dismissed as irrelevant but asked despite this. Dont let them know you're scared when you stand up, and if you've done something wrong just telll them. I managed to kill everyone on mine but still passed. 'red 6, did you meet any of you targets?' 'No Sir'. :)
    The rest you cant really work on, but just be confident.
    Im no expert lol, but hope it helps.
  3. From blokes that I know that have gone through the same thing but for LE, read the broadsheets, have a good knowledge of world affairs, one guy was aksed about the rising price of oil recently and was asked to give reasons that he thought it was happening etc, make sure you can point out obscure countries on an atlas (without taking forever to find them), when you are in a position where you are taking charge of a body of people make sure that you do just that - take charge, think any problem solving tasks through before charging straight in on them (but dont take too long to think about it)
  4. sounds scary, but thanks for the help!
  5. I did the 6th form scholarship board last year, and everything this guy says is just right. Don't freak out, be decisive (even if it's the wrong one), fitness helps, sound intelligent, but above all, GET ON WITH EVERYBODY.

    Not only will it make it more enjoyable, but people will be more inclined to work for you in the Command Tasks. Not that they won't otherwise, but it's a very passive thing. Also, the staff can tell who people get on with, and who people don't. In my room, we had 2 fairly outgoing guys, with decent GCSE grades, and 1 shy, smart guy, us two passed, and the shy guy didn't.

    Just have a lot of personality.
  6. 'guy'? nice assumption there, but actually girl :) shocking, i know.
    Its very true that if you get on with everyone it makes it so much easier, if you get something wrong, it doesnt ultimately matter, because they can teach you to do it right later, just get it wrong with enthusiasm.
  7. Haha, sorry, was just using the word guy as a general term :p
  8. haha no worries lol.
  9. Hey,
    I have my Welbeck AOSB in july. Im a year behind so already have all the grades etc.. i just really need to show them everything i've got during this board!
    I'm quit a confident person, it's just knowing what to research for the interviews etc, there's so much that i could potentially need to know! and also, the assault courses etc, are they more cardio or upper body strength?
    starting preparation early..
    please help! it's greatly appreciated!
  10. Sezhep, which days are you on it? becasue it started today, but I am on the thurs/fri days, although I am staying at Westbury the night before, becasue ive got to travel a long way

    be nice to know a name anyway if we are on the same days


  11. How many boards are there altogether, and how many are invited to each board? Hopefully, I'll be going to one of the boards in July.
  12. Im hoping to be on the July Board. Got my interview with the AFCO in May...it seems they ask the most random questions on current affairs going but has anyone got anymore tips? Thanks!
  13. And also, has anyone had their interview with Col Peacock in Westminster?
  14. I've only had the initial one, but it seems we are in the same boat :thumleft:

    Which corps are you looking to join?
  15. Yeh same! My proper one is on May 11th, when's yours?
    Engineers you?