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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bouillabaisse, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Its that time of year when the deizens of the defence industry take a break from sacrificing babies and drinking the blood of virgins and go to London for the defence show.

    Anyone else going?
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I'm tempted. We can't go anywhere else (bloody travel cuts) but they'll let us go to this. I might actually be able to make some useful new industry contacts this year after all.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    So not a lot of visitors then? I shall just have to totty watch and drink, in that order.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Is it any good for ladies? DVD was the other month - all the usual race-track lovelies handing out security passes and freebies.
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It's variable. The smaller stands and the foreigners tend to do better than the big companies and the Brits. there was a small foreign lot last time who got 2 lovely ladies to take all their clothes off and wander round with just body paint. That was popular.
  6. One way to sell Cam Cream then.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'll be there. Probably Wed and Thu
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps an arrse gathering at the hesco stand one afternoon?
  9. Will be there Tue, Wed & Thu.
  10. I must admit that you are welcoome to your time there. I spent the best part of 20 years going to the predecessors of DSEI and various other foreign shows of a similar natire. At the end of the day the only thing that actually made them bearable was the social life with ones fellow exhibitors
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Exhibitions are shite and make my feet hurt. Beer to drink and pretty women to look at make it all bearable
  12. Myself and another couple are going to be there on thursday - recommendations for stands ??
  13. I tipped up to this earlier this year. Quite small and specialised with quite a few "private security firms" there. The best stand was the Met Police talking about a training exercise they do on business continuity/civil contingency aimed at helping business recover from an attack.