DSDA Kineton

Accomodation is shite. You will probably find the course dull, but look on the bright side: Once passed you can be hung out to dry for any points picked up on your unit ammo inspection.

Top Tips:
Go on the pi$$ in Banbury NOT Leamington Spa, Its 10miles away so pricey in a taxi unless you share.

Remember where to find the details of your nearest Ammo Tp. (Listed in JSP 482) they're there to help you once you get back to your unit.
Kineton a horrid place! The accommodation is crap and the cookhouse is now a combined bar/ restaurant Pay as you Dine rip off. Better class of drinking establishment/women in Lemington Spa but more women of loose morals in Banbury (most of whom congregate in "The Limming Tree") not too shabby a night out in either!
sgts mess is ok but dead at weekends food in mess good. course good but death by powerpoint.
but you get what you put in, camp in the middle of nowhere if you have your own transport then take it
The Mess is probably one of the best going for a good night, especially if there are a couple of IEDD courses on and a bunch of ATs get together.

The ladies don't mind keeping the bar open a little longer than usual as well.

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