DSAT Instructional Design Handbook needed please!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. This is a long shot, however...........................

    I would like to obtain, if at all possible, an electronic copy of the DSAT Instructional Design Handbook. I can provide a mod.uk email address for it to be emailed to.

    Before anyone asks me to get in touch with DCTS, I have NOT been loaded onto a course, so if I asked them for the handbook, their answer would most likely be a big fat NO.

    Due to an unforeseen change in my intended career path, I might now have the opportunity to dip my toes into Course Design. I would therefore like to have the opportunity to get a heads up on the ins and outs of the principles of Instructional Design, Assessment Strategies, KSA Analysis (Task Analysis), Instructional Scalars and all the other elements of Instructional Design that seems to be making me moist.

    Any takers?

    Thanks in advance if anyone out there can help.
  2. C'mon, where are all the Course Maintainers?

    There must be some tucked away somewhere on ARRSE? 8O
  3. Not such a long shot. PM me
  4. Cheers sward, PM sent.
  5. I thought that I'd been sorted out with the above request, however, for some strange reason, after several very promising PM's, comms with sward have now died a death. =(

    I am therefore still trying to get hold of the afore mentioned handbook.

    Come on ARRSErs, there must be someone out there who can get their hands on an electronic copy of a DSAT Instructional Design Handbook.