What the hell are you rambling on about now?? Do you actually have half a clue? What has upset you and yours today?

It must be horrific for you where ever you are. Oh yes 16 Sig Regt. With that horrid, horrid CO, who we are told "does'nt listen to you"

BOO flamin HOO. Im beginning to feel sorry for him. You must bore the poor sod into a state of trypanosomiasis. (look it up).

In a thread elsewhere you were suggesting that every body should do something constructive. Well how's about you stop dragging down the name of the rest of the silent majority who are working hard. And stop sucking up to your DS1 Fraternity by slagging the Corps which has obviously baby sat your sorry ass for too long already.

Have you actually served with any other Arm or Corps, well if you had you'ld find them all pretty much the same, and in some cases worse.

P.S. Were you a real "bleep" or just a wannabe. QFW.
Lied2 said:
I recently asked for an open forum to see if we can “sort this issue” I quote from the 2 i/c “I do not give a F**K as I am on resettlement now and will only think about myself”
If this were the case, then it is an unforgiveable attitude to take, and unfortunately one which does seem prevalent throughout that area. However not everyone fits that bill, and you have to be careful not to spread that perception too widely.

My suggestion would be, that if the 2i/c has made such statements then maintain a positive and professional approach yourself. If you feel you are in a position to and can transmit your concerns in a constructive manner, your OC will listen to you, I cannot believe otherwise.

Ultimately, it has been said before, work to get yourself into a position where you can make a positive difference. Sometimes this will include having to sell or make decisions that aren't going to be popular.

One of the things a manager has to do is keep some of his gripes to himself, and not drag everybody down into a pit of despair. This doesnt always mean just blaming the level above for being crap (although it is a widely used tactic 8) )

Things will change. There is, I agree, far too much obvious weak leadership. I would suggest that you should not be eager to follow examples of it.

If you and yours in the DS1 world think you are doing yourself some good promoting such negativity, I would suggest a rethink. From the outside you appear to be on a suicide mission.

And by the way, you still didnt explain your opening paragraph and the problems which were related.



Very good point - enough now has been said - I will now go and shoot myself and never come back :wink:
Lied-2...any 2IC who said that to you really is an arse and I can understand why he is on resettlement. If he worked for me I'd hang him out to dry. But he is not the end of the story. You've heard me say before, elsewhere, that there is a chain of command and there is a right of appeal in all things.

A right of appeal does not always mean that you will ultimately get the answer you want though, be prepared to be disappointed even if you do manage to take your case all the way to the Army Board.

Don't take it too personal matey. You're right it all seems C&A, lifes not that much more organised on the outside either.

"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing, that we see too late the one that is open."

Alexander Graham Bell

WOOOOOooooo I got my first Gong. :lol:
Lied2 said:

Very good point - enough now has been said - I will now go and shoot myself and never come back :wink:
Lied2 where you really so innocent or am I just cynical, if you lied on your quote can I shoot you? :twisted:
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