Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by WincoSlayer, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Useful members of the IS community?

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  2. Care in the community for the glass backed pie munchers?

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  1. This is a lonely hearts quest for fellow DS1 manpower people to join me for a whine and cheese party at the Distilled Gardens .... oh, I forgot, one word of an operational tour and you all signed off, or trotted down the med centre for a laminated biff chit.

    Slack jawed whinging man bitches each and every one of them

  2. Go on Digimon, lets see you bite.

    Lots of Love.. A SME with the forward planning of a suicide bomber.
  3. someone on tour is bored!. in HQ ISAF if in the distilled gardens. has the grass grown yet?? and is that really naff cane furniture still there?
  4. so what is the bit about transfer to the RAf - or am I being a bit thick.
  5. Nope .. but it got you interested didn't it :?
  6. Really when did that happen :?: