DS1 Departures

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by UUOhONE, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. I would like to use this public forum to thank an excellent member of the DS1 crew and wish him all the best in civvy street, CD has been the champion of EWP in the ARRC and has opened the eyes of many too the benefits of EWP.

    CD has already secured a lucrative job with a civilian firm and all I can say is “Their gain is the troops loss” Thanks CD all the best.
  2. Turkish is another member of the troop and DS1 who is about to jump ship to pastures new, thanks Turkish for your efforts and the goal of having a single point of reference on the configuration side of life.

    Good luck Turkish in what ever you choose to do next.
  3. Not got a clue who these lads are......but I hope they flourish in civ div, and that the grass is definately greener for them.
  4. Let's not forget others that have gone b4....Larry Plotter (A fine example of a man/troll genetic experiment).....Golfing Le DropShort SubNetMask....Sheep Shagging Camp Hazelnut....New Improved Daz...Pen Dingle....Hoolio...Aching Lever.

    All of them stars!
  5. New improved and promoted Daz, what a guy (see red dwarf) and Pen Dingle (play anything but play it loud OK) What a "Top Banana"

    Didn't dance with the other 2, but thanks anyway :)

    Thanks Guys
  6. Are not all of DS1 improved? :D
    The worst thing about these people leaving is there are now fewer to cope with an ever increasing workload :cry:
    I agree with the posts above. Fare well & keep the connected world info'd on your progress in Civ Div.
  7. FYI

    CD is having a bit of a bash in the mess at 16 on Thur 23, details from CIS Tp or The Badge 16

    Heres to a FAB send off after 22 in green

    See YA there :p
  8. at last - that sad sorry experiment is coming to a close.
  9. I think it hardly likely that the experiment is to close in the near future, however I am sure there are individuals that would appreciate DS1 to disappear as soon as possible.

    CD can count me in, good bloke and I will not miss the opportunity to give him my fondest regards on his leaving.

    Is everyone aware of Turkish having his dine out in the local Chinese?
  10. :) Well thankyou for your kind words. To all the remaining DS1 and DS 1 1/2, good luck for the future, whatever you do and wherever you may end up. It has been a pleasure knowing you and the troop. Less the w!"£$%s but they know who they were, or still are!!!

    I toast u all, "Good health and many more".
  11. Why aren't you on exercise living in a tent ;)
  12. Craig on Thursday night (lots of mutual back slapping and port).....just how did a certain RE WO get home and is Clair speaking to him yet?

    Turkish on Sat night where he managed to attract a great deal of nice puppies...my tail will be wagging for weeks ;)

    Best of luck to you both guys

    Kiss Kiss
  13. Oh my head

    Would you believe that so many people would turn up for an informal leaving party, must have been 70+. IS boyz did over 9 litres of port (ouch) Don't think a single SNCO waz missin.

    Top Dollar

    I think I have been Knighted!

    Sir Rosis of the Liver :p :D :lol:
  14. You drink like a girl
  15. Better that kissing like one, ya pooof