DS1 - Are They A Happy Bunch Of Workers Or What??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by digifishdiablo, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. Seems to me that the the majority of posts these days are from those disillussioned people from the DS1 crowd.
  2. generally agree with you - especially with the thread on the mess! Guess it is easier to slag off than to act. I would however assume that you are refering to DS1 (DS2 I dont think has started yet!)
  3. It has bigger ramifications as far as I can see, these CV writers are tarnishing the image of IS operators, and having seen all of them pass through Blandford I can certainly say that the greater majority of them could not have successfully completed an Aptitude course let alone the Foundation course. (I am equally sure one or two could).

    If there was any proof of my opinion needed then you should read the comments posted on various forums by Digimon, Wibblefishbanana and I suspect Hermoso Diablo, without doubt these jellyfish are the biggest oxygen thieves I have ever come across. They all have far too much to say they are saying it too loud, and I suspect that’s because they haven’t got a clue what they are on about.

    A question to anyone out there working with these fcuknuts, do you feel like a carpenter? It’s just that I suspect that it’s about the same as working with wood.
  4. Liberty!! Bit bitchy - but very interesting if this is founded!!

    I know that DS 1 were created to digitise the ARRC and the last exercise was a test of this. Being a man in the know (I presume you are at RSS & IS Op) did the IS Ops have to take over the ORACLE Database & GP3 system? (I heard that COMARRC was happy with the last ex)

    If the IS Ops did have to stand into the breach what is happening now? I heard that most of the real IS Ops (ie, not ex ADP/DS1) are deployed from 16 so who will do the DB A role now?
  5. Bullshit,
    Unfortunately I have absolutely no information with regard to the exercise you mention, as far as suggesting someone who could do the DS1 role now, not to worry as I hear RSS are soon to be training Class 3 IS Operators/Engineers and I believe they should be able to do the job with no problem.
    I do also have to confess some of my comments are completely unfounded and based on rumour and hearsay, but profound none the less.
  6. cant beat a bit of "unfounded and based on rumour and hearsay, " keeps the job intersting!! :D
  7. I have to wonder whether or not these various so called members of the DS1 fraternity are in fact the same person in disguise. It is all too easy to create a new user and login to continue their own bitter agenda against the wider peace loving world! Quick quick grab the nearest tree and Hug It!!!!! :D

    Maybe we should start a new thread to find out how many aliases each member has.
  8. Yassa,
    I can’t believe that you’re suggesting that the few are spoiling it for the majority, surely this argument has no historical basis, or are you suggesting that it is one almighty fcuknut who is so opinionated that he requires more that one identity to express those opinions? Or more worrying that he has a multi personality disorder and we should all fear for our safety.

    Which ever of the above is accurate I would like to point out that not all those that purport to be IS Operators are. And should show a small courtesy to those that have completed the qualifying course/criteria by not pretending to be what they are most certainly not.
    I did think the following appropriate if a little obtuse:

    To the legion of the lost ones, to the cohort of the damned, to my brethren in their sorrow overseas,
    Sings a gentleman of England cleanly bred, machinely crammed, and a trooper of the Empress, if you please.
    Yes, a trooper of the forces who has run his own six horses, and faith he went the pace and went it blind,

    Thanks again Rudyard
  9. I think the real issue is a DS1 chap who stomps around and calling himself Supvr IS or IS Op after 3 months in Boringford & 9 months in the unit. The person that does this really does need a reality check and gives DS1 a bad name.

    For those that joined to be App Ops or DBAs and stick to that trade - good for them. You cant really blame them for transferring to Signals because the Sigs were offering for most a pay increase (I dont think even Liberty with his high morals would turn that down :wink: )

    I think the best thing for DS1 would have been to leave them in their own Corps but make sure they all got paid the same, grouping them all as IS Ops was just a bad example of short sighted staff work.
  10. I think you summed it up there BS, however the whole of the IS roster over the last 3-4 years has smelt of shoddy staff work.

    As far as i'm concerned, a DBA or App Op can call themselves whatever they like, they are all badged Royal Signals but employed in E2 posts - as far as i'm aware. I expect Records has to call them something for admin purposes. If it makes an individual feel better to call themselves an IS Operator, when their not, i will choose to take that as a compliment.

    What does concern me is who is going to do this job once these guys have retired/got out? Shouldnt we be identifying the future DBA's from the IS Roster, and start training them or posting them into 16 Sigs to work alongside these guys and learn the job? I stand by to be corrected if this is already happening.
  12. Thought so!! Someone should get on the case, it'll be bloody expensive and take quite a while - but its not often the Corps is accused of fore thought :wink:
  13. I reckon DBAs are going to become much more of a Corps-wide problem. Cormorant is providing a real headache at the moment - a handful of DBAs were trained a few years ago and most have now left the 2 Sigs/30 Sigs environment. Not only that but the gap between the Oracle course and actually getting hands on Cormorant was over a year!

    Two words....SKILL FADE...although that is the case with every single trade group. What I will say about Cormorant, from an IS perspective, is that it is absoblinkin'lutely huge. 2 and 30 Sigs will have a massive requirement for IS Engrs - probably nearly 50 pers in all per Regt. Dunno where we'll get 'em from though! Looking at it logically, we're likely to get the same problem from next year with Falcon too.

    Any of you lovely :wink: DS1/DS2 people fancy coming to help us out?

  14. without giving the nations secrets away - but does Cormorant have ORACLE on it?
  15. Yep...but hardly anyone knows how to use it. :oops: