DS watching

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Kingxex, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know where this saying came from? (Sorry if it's already been asked, I did search :x )
  2. Standby.
  3. Right on time VG.
  4. is it not from kids who plays those nintendo DS things!! they just sit there in their own world! therefore if your in your own world your DS watching
  5. Hahahaha you fucking sheep's cunt.
  6. DS=Directing Staff=the people running an event, ex, whatever=they mark you as doing well or not (pass/fail).
  7. Can you count to potato Kingmongtard?
  8. Aw is that you Sheep's? I bet you fit right in at the Arborfield Warhammer Club.
  9. Don't make out like you didn't send me that vid of yourself. Dun worry though I aint hating, don't wanna end up like that pillow!
  10. I must admit that's really bad of spaz. I mean, imagine sending you a video of your dad fumbling about the bedroom with a pillow.
  11. Yes.

    I do.

    And lo! Your question is answered, in its entirety.

    Now do the honourable thing.

    Perhaps you'd now want to open a thread asking if anyone knows where the saying 'do the honourable thing' comes from.

    I'll save you the trouble.

    It came from me.

    And it is short for "ooohh-ferchrissakesdothehonourablething and just fuck off !!! :roll: ".
  12. Stonker old chap, in your dotage, you seem to have missed out the phrase 'ya cunt!', dontcha know.