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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by army182, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Been staying in a hotel for a week while on detached duty... I claimed DS for food (Up to £21 a day receipted actuals) and provided the reciepts with the claim... The claim was rejected because 2 of the reciepts were from an indian and a thai but the bills were not itemised...My RAOWO said I could have spent it all on beer not food!!... I was driving by the way!!.... I can't find anywhere in the regs where it says it must be an itemised receipt.. Am £42 out of pocket is this right?? Or is he being a twat!!
  2. If he were a chef, you could drag him from behind the hotplate and stick his head in the beans. As he is a clerk, why not poke him in the eye with a sharp pencil.

    He is being very pedantic.

    My advice is wait until JPA go-live then submit the claim yourself, but keep the receipt safe until 12 months from the date you apply for the refund for audit purposes.

    Common sense should prevail........
  3. I'd contest that, I've never had a problem with non-itemised receipts and I have submitted a considerable numer of JPA claims. They even accept the generic till roll receipts you get abroad which don't even specify which establishment they're from let alone itemising the food you've eaten. Try explaining to a Saudi Arabian waiter that you'd like an itemised receipt, written in English on headed receipt paper!

    You don't have a choice over the receipt you've recieved and they should accept it as proof of expenditure.
  4. I've got civvy clerks that deal with all my claims and they are the most pedantic, finiky f*ckers when it comes to claims (maybe its because they disagree with the expenses we get) but anyway, even they are not that petty over where the bloody till reciept is from, if your entitled to upto £21 and you spend under that and have a reciept to prove it, you get the money back, end off!!

    It sounds like your RAOWO is a total pr!ck and I'm sure there are decent (in the know) AGC types on here that will agree with that.
  5. Went and had it out with the RAOWO and finally he says "I'll pay it out just this once" If it it was an invalid claim any RAOWO would not pay it full stop... This just proves he was being a twat in the first place and the claim was valid all the time......

  6. Calm yourself big fella, don't tar us all with the same brush.

    Most of know its not our money and solders should receive what their entitled too.
  7. Not all though. Army182's previous statement remains valid.
  8. I hate to admit it ZIP but in this instance you are right, put it in by Proxy through your Coy/Sqn Clk (after go live 260307), if it comes up as part of the monthly 5% audit, so be it, see what happens from that and what the expence audit fella/girl comes back with after you provide him/her with the reciepts, if in fact it goes to audit.