DS and staying in a hotel

Can you please help me.

I am due to do a course at the weekend. I am being told by the RAO that I am not entitled to a hotel as I can stay in the drill hall. There is not messing at the camp. I was also told that I could only claim MOA as I was staying at a "camp". Is this correct?

Thank you advance.
I may be wrong but, provided you can get an official letter stating that there is no messing available to you, you should be able to claim back reciepted actuals up to the maximum which is something around £27 per day.
If you can get a non-avalibility chit from that unit then, then you are entitled to claim for a hotel and then claim subsistence allowance for the food and hotel.
However if you are staying in that unit then the RAO is right your only entitled to MOA.
The current percentages used to calculate the UK MOA rates are:

a. Breakfast - 30% of the daily Service single food charge.

b. Third Meal (normally lunch) - 70% of the daily Service single food charge.

c. Main Meal - 100% of the daily Service single food charge.

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