Drying a car out

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by genesis, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Have a car that has been open to the elements for a few days, any ideas on how to dry it out?, and dont say open the windows...
  2. How wet is it?
  3. causeway-image-2-945998614.jpg
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  4. lotus-esprit-g.jpg

    just drive it off with the heating on
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  5. I left a sunroof ajar last year and rain got in ....nightmare!! and the car is never right afterwards because the carpet underfelt will not dry, whenever i drove the car afterwards with the heater on the windows mist up sold it, to much hasssle,
    but if you want to try? use an electric blow heater* in the car with the car in the garage with the windows down an inch.

    * thats a small room heater type.
  6. Get a couple of cat litter trays and half fill with salt. Leave them on you seats over night. The salt draws the moisture out of the air. Just keep doing this for a few days..may take a week..but it works.

    Used to do that with my Landies if I had been wading a bit too deep. Its amazing how much moisture it pulls out.

    I have also heard of people using stockings filled with rice. Does the same but can be left in the car when driving..just dont =get pulled over by the fuzz!
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  7. Its Like an otters pocket!, has puddles in the foot wells.
  8. In that case...forget the salt for now...layers of newspaper to soak up excess water, once the carpets are just wet rather than swimming, still use newspaper, but add weight ontop.

    Once the carpets are damp...use the salt filled trays.
  9. Sprinkle calcium carbide on all the areas of wetness. It reacts with water to produce harmless acetylene gas.

    Press the cigar lighter in then get out and shut the door quickly. Your car will be dry in no time.

    PS Don't!
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  10. Can I suggest you open the windows?
    Don't mention it.
  11. Gen ,

    get a wet/dry vaccuum and suck up as much as you can,The seal the car up and get a dehumidifier running in there for a couple of days, should be bone dry, make sure to empty the dehumidfier tank !!!

    Cheers for now,

    F P
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  12. Leave it in your garage with all the doors and boot open. You might find you'll have to pull the carpets out depending how wet they are. Bastard of a job.
  13. What make and model of car is it?
  14. Is it a DUKW
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  15. Morris Mariner
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