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The estate agents blurb in the house I purchased a few years back advertised it as “A gentleman’s residence”, the wife told me that maybe I shouldn’t bother putting in an offer.
"Waitrose is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist."

Sexist Sandwich
from the article:
Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar
There's a post called night czar? Where the F do they come up with this shit? I need to get myself into this racket. Seeing I am unemployed and live in London, need to look at the city hall career page.

Also nice one Amy Lamé, getting hold of this lame sounding post. Sure it pays great.
It's the death knell for Yorkies, I tell ya!
Things that radical feminists have changed that have affected me in any way


@RoyalGreenJacket must be mighty insecure, feel out of control and powerless, not to mention paranoid as f#ck to think this sh1t affects his small, inconsequential life in any way
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I hope Screwfix/B&Q and others take this lesson on board and start to revise their terminology of small items for sale. The lexicon of DIY is littered with terms that are upsetting for someone of a non-binary gender disposition or feminazi persuasion.

Imagine the distress and hurt of going to the counter and asking the XY chromosome Neanderthal stood there for a "XF Female Adapter Plug1/4" BSP Taper Female Inlet"...?? It's a disgrace and needs to change

It looks painful to sit on mind...

Fvck it, time for a bit of Tit-for-tat?

44270087_10157770713314348_2951385007643426816_o (1).jpg

Bunch of evil sexist scumbags that pretend that only women care for their children, we shall barricade the shops we shall overcome them, we shal...........Oh like I give a shit, I have an interesting and fulfilling life, which is why I will never care about or take any notice of these pathetic feminist twats that feel oppressed by a brand of tissue.
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Man-size or extra large. It affects me not a jot, I use a sock.
Met a friend at the RAF Club the other day and as a bar snack in the Running Horse we both had gammon, eggs and chips. With grilled pineapple rings. We didn’t need Kleenex (of any gender).
No but you require re-education. Pineapple rings on Gammon is an abomination. I'll go further, pineapple on any savoury foodstuff is an abomination.
Hawaiian pizza? Communist plot.


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I'm just going to add this outrage to my diary

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