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A friend of mine planned to go climbing in Afghanistan recently. I told him to behave. Apparently groups are going out on adventure holidays... good for tourism I suppose but seems a bit mental.
Tossers; the same sort of mongs who memorise dialogue from Point Break, and have shit Chink tattoos. I shall laugh when they star in videos on beardman.com having their heads sawn off. The ones who survive will return to bore the arses off everyone about their transcendental experiences.
their was some italian nutter who the taliban claimed as a hostage turned up perfectly safe after soloing several uncllimbed summits.
apprantly some barstard had nicked his wallet with passport etc.
was appranty trying to buy more food to go climbing again when natos finest shoved him on a plane:)
"Totally." He's a city lawyer. Old school friend though. He didn't go. He had bought the ticket and then got a refund.
he could probably stroll through afgahn with a pork eating infidel t-shirt on with an I love salmon rushdie badge with out fear
the devil ooks after its own :(


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The lady, she doth protest too much.
You leave Forastero alone you nasty beast. We know where you live.

You leave Forastero alone you nasty beast. We know where you live.
Yeah, you know where I live because you drive that fucking Ocado van. I don't mind you nicking the odd quail's egg but You can buy your own celery salt. And stop chasing the fucking peacocks.

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