Dry Weather and English Roe Bucks

April has been heavy going for me this year. Very few adult bucks have been seen in the woods. Even yearlings are hiding. Anyone else noticed a change in behaviour?



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Hell aye two ran out infront of my artic this am they definatly had a death wish.
I haven't.
Was out early Friday morning and saw 2 wandering in a field of spring "corn"
Took one and left the other for another day


We havent seen any Bucks clear enough to confirm but they are out there, not had the opportunity to look too much. Our pasture (the one where every Fallow goes to feed all day long) has been ploughed and seeded (not rained since) so not many deer on my usual ground at all. maybe the Roe are down in the damp river edges where the feeding is easier. I'll find out soon enough.
I've only seen two since the start of the season, the first was a nice youngster still in velvet, the second was an old boy with a good head on him.
Thanks to all for the replies.
Well that's May done and dusted. I saw the first roe kid on 18th., just the one with mum and looking very wobbly. The bucks are still hull down amongst the bramble beds so I'm thinning out the local bunnies and praying for rain.



I'm off out on Saturday morning if I dont get out before hand, I wonder if our resident Doe has calved yet? I couldnt see if she was pregnant.
Seen a couple kicking around my bit of ground however whilst driving home last week two young bucks were standing in the middle of a fairly busy B road properly going at each other to the point that I had to stop the car (at this time they were about 10 metres away).

They only moved when a car coming from the opposite direction stopped and started sounding his horn. The bucks then jumped over a fence and went back at each other.

I'm presuming that it was a territorial dispute as it was a bit early for them rutting although the weather was thundery which may have got them confused.


There is some evidence that the rut can be triggered early by exceptionally sunny weather which we most certainly have had!

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