Dry skin?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BoomShackerLacker, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. I confess to imperfect and dry skin (nothing like Philip Marlow I might add - blessing upon all sufferers!)... the sort that after removing cam cream looked like I'd gone five rounds with Tyson (the pit bull that is) and *looks both ways* did use a moisturiser (big wet pansy I know). :oops:

    Body Shop's Aloe Vera moisture cream was unbeeeeleevable easy on the old boat race. But it's discontinued!

    Clearly don't wish to use the concoctions the Mrs uses but any other suggestions?
  2. OMD 90
  3. Nivea or even vaseline, cheap and effective
    or if you want to splash out Avène cold cream (available in Boots)
  4. A very very heavy duty moisturiser is E45 which you should be able to get at Boots. Basically odour free so you won't smell like a girl.

    If you don't want anything as heavy duty as that, have a look at the Vasline Intensive Care range, there are some good odour free moisturisers there.
  5. Look for Eucerine. A little 'greasy' to the touch but the feeling fades away.
  6. Body Shop "Hemp Face Protector" is very good.................apparently. :oops:
  7. I guess you mean on your face, if that is the case I wouldn't suggest anything to heavy, the E45 might not be a good idea in this instance.

    Nivia do a good line line for men. Also try this link for some good bits and bobs

    Posh Geezer

    This one is a bit pricy but very good!

  8. The other week when I got some bad sun burn on my face and was peeling big chunks of flesh off and looking like I had scales, I used E45 and within a couple of days It was pretty much all back to normal
  9. Rod stewart swears by Oil of Ulay (Olaz). He has to beat them off with a shitty stick.

    Anything with Aloe Vera in works. My neighbour used to milk it straight from one of his plants.

    I stick with Gillette gel, definitely works.
  10. And before you know it, we'll have "Mens' Creams" much the same as we have "Wimmins' Creams":

    Cream for the night before
    Cream for the night after
    Cream from 0730 to 1900 hours
    Cream for the rest of the time
    Cream for around the eyes
    Cream for around the mouth and neck

    In reality, it's all "advertising speak", i.e. a boad of lollocks!

    There are only two ways (and always have been, whether male or female) of getting additional moisture to the skin.

    One is to use creams containing alchohol, which attract ambivalent moisture to the skin's surface (the so-called "dry creams").

    Another is to use really greasy stuff to block the pores and prevent any escape of moisture (in this case the skin in question remoisturises itself).

    Don't be taken in by the advertising!

    As Bush the Berk would say: "It's not rocket surgery!"

  11. Just don't use your own, the sand might aggravate it.
  12. Try Neutrogena, failing that E45 do a brilliant facial moisturiser. Its good, i get really dry skin and it works perfic.
  13. Boots moisturing lotion - £1.60-ish. Hopefully reduce that sore face after shaving.
  14. Try Aveeno shower oil which is excellent for this kind of problem with dry skin