Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. For various work purposes, I've spent large chunks of the past year around functioning AKs. The only thing I know about them is how to turn the safety catch/fire lever onto 'non-random-accidental-death', something that has saved a number of cameramen's lives so far, in a trigger-happy,bumpy SUV, hashish-infused environment.

    Essentially, I think my lifespan might be slightly expanded by the ability to a) strip b) clean c) fire an AKM in a difficult, sandy/muddy environment. I wouldn't post this if it hasn't have become an issue already. (i very quickly learned how to use an FN on semi-auto for pant-wettingly scary defensive suppressive fire, but that's another story).

    Wot i want is: a deact, dry-firing AK at a reasonable price. Not to current welded specs, but earlier ah-so-that's-how-it-works specs, so I can clean, strip, oil and reassemble to a degree I'd feel comfortable with for future assignments in unstable durka-durka countries. I'd be happy negotiating down from <£500.

    I don't yet have a licence .

    Over to youse.
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    Yes it would .... Just keep your daft head down when your at work ;0)
  5. "neighbours said he'd developed dispiritinglly stupid concepts for American cable channels" ;-)
  6. Sorry i can't help (but if you get to the states, I run an assault rifle course at my range and you can have a free spot.

    In any event keep your head down, old fellow.
  7. Hey,

    Apart from being at the opposite end of many spectra, genuinely glad to see you're OK.

    Quite jealous about the range- our lives are sorely circumscribed here in the UK. I took part in a Libyan 2-way range, but both sides are laughably appalling shots- if you're ever about in London I'd be proud to stand you a pint or two, on the basis that your war stories are better than mine :)
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  8. Not really relevant, but why not?

    Libyan small arms training:

    If you put the sights to 600, you can shoot much further.

    Yeah, why not?

    Gadhafi's side put special sights on their AKs, so they can shoot to 5km.

    Yeah, of course.

    If you hear bullets, you won't get shot

    Because that's how it works.

    If you write the 99 names of Allah on your AK, you'll never miss, or get shot.

    Yeah, they taught me that in the TA.

    Your dead brother's AK will never miss; he aims it.

    Weirdly, this always seemed to be true. Genuinely honestly.

    If you kill a sniper with a sniper rifle, his will always work; kill him with an AK or grenade & it will never work, and must be destroyed because it's cursed and will backfire.

    Unproven. Also, not believed in Misrata.

    Blacks can only shoot straight at long distances.

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  9. I was hoping this was another "let's castrate AK thread."

  10. This may be a stupid question, but as you say that you have been hanging around people with a lot of these weapons, why didn't you get them to show you all you need to know?
  11. Because if they're like some of the loonies I've met, I'd have to say that my 3 year old grand-daughter has a better idea weapons care than they have
  12. Must be something on YouTube. As I remember they are very simple weapons.
  13. I see you got fixed up ok, so will share this with you:

    Back in about 94/5 I landed at Maputo airport and at the bottom of the steps getting off the aircraft (there was no immigration, no security, no customs at the time). The war was staggering to an end and my business partner stepped out of a 4 x 4 and greeted me with the words "you might need this" handing me an AK47 with 2 mags.

    I asked him if he would run me through stoppage drills etc and he replied: "If it stops firing, change the magazine".

    Thankfully I never had to use it.
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  14. Notwithstanding its rough construction (not a Parker Hale mind you) that is actually part of its robustness, the AK-family of weapons do not require much care and maintenance to "work." Precision fire (save I suppose for the Dragunov variant) is not their strong suit but as we all unfortunately know they have been used to kill many, many of us over the decades.

    In my experience back in the day and now with several now in my personal arsen....erm collection, since they are gas piston driven vice direct impingement, the fire control group and bolt do not foul nearly as readily as our M16 variants (the HK 416 preferred by many of our SOF is piston driven of course).

    The usual stoppage I encounter is when shooting extended periods of auto fire such that the chamber heats to the point it will cause the varnish on the steel shell casings to soften thus causing them to stick in the chamber, but this is even less frequent that stuck cartridge issues in the M16/M4 since the steel rim of the casing is harder for the extractor lip to rip through than the softer brass.

    About the only immediate action for stoppages I have experienced has been to pull the charging handle fully to the rear and push forward with the heel of the hand (assuming the stoppage is not a lack of ammunition in the magazine). Another aspect of the AK that can cause soem difficulty for those unfamiliar with it is the magazine has to be inserted at a very acute angle to engage the front lip of the mag, unlike the straight slide motion for the M16/M4 and the SA80a1.
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