Drunken shopping trolley riding

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smasher682, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Any suggestions on the best way to ride in a shopping trolley whilst drunk? Went for the obvious one of just sitting in it with legs over the sides. However tends to be a bit painful when landing on tarmac, after being launched out of it when it hits a kerb at speed!
  2. There's only one way and that's standing, adopting a slight surfer pose.
  3. Brother shagged a 54 year-old munter on one round the back of Tescos in Devizes after a platoon night out.
    Seems a fair definition of ride to me.
  4. just out of interest, how old are you?
  5. no need to worry about current hip replacements or brittle bones?
  6. Must try that one
  7. What - on or in a shopping trolley? respect!!
  8. Have you considered growing up?
  9. Not when its cheaper than taxi!
  10. If memory serves he just stuck her on it and then went for it. Whole Bn knew by first parade next day, puts them tom-toms to shame.
  11. missing something on Tom Toms but that must have been quite a ride - her arrse must have looked like a piece pf Gingham materiel!!
  12. Sounds better than my comical ride!
  13. Stop being a girl and do a proper job.

  14. Tom-toms - native way of passing messages and gossip at the speed of sound. Bn. rumour net is faster.

    Never mind her arrse, her face wasn't much better either! That's what staring down a mortar tube does for you, every other hole looks small in comparison.