drunken dumps visits

last night i went out on a p1ssup with the group and after it finished , i wandered to the bus stops only to find my stomach stating to cramp which indicates a really bad sh1t, i had to wander away to finda suitable alleyway to have a dump, found a set of wheelie bins to hide and squatted down to have a sh1t , i felt nothing but i knew it did come out , when i turned round to have a look , it was nothing more than a big puddle, lying there looking a like a king size melted chocolate sauce mix.
satisfied i wiped my arrse and went to catch the bus,
however the next day i wondered what happen to it and whether it survived the cold night away from my body so i wandered past it today to see how it was doing , it has dried up and now caked up to look like a chocolate sponge pudding.
i walked away feeling guilty at abandoning it,
do any of you ever feel the urge to visit the spot where you had a drunken sh1t ?
ever wonder how it is doing ?
if you are lucky you may find a tramp sleeping on top of it :lol:
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