Drunk Yobs To face RMP&MDP

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Strong Arm of the Law!

Drunk yobs facing military police
Military police have been drafted in to help the local force tackle drunken behaviour in a market town.
Members of the Royal Military Police (RMP) and the Ministry of Defence Police have have begun working with beat officers in Royston, Herts.

They are drafted in from Thursday evenings through to Sunday morning - the times when most drink-related disorder takes place.

The scheme started after three servicemen were assaulted and robbed.

I'm trying to do the best I can for the people locally - this gives that extra presence that people like to see

Chief Insp David Partridge

Chief Insp David Partridge, of Hertfordshire Police, said: "The Royal Military Police helped with those investigations and they did all the things we would normally do.

"Normally, I would have had to have struck off a couple of detectives to work on it.

"In the end I thought 'Here are some people trained to a high standard and there were mutual interests in resolving these issues'."

Mr Partridge decided to draw up a protocol putting the co-operation between the three forces on a formal and legal basis.

As a result MOD police can now patrol jointly with Hertfordshire Police in the town and join them in making arrests.

The RMP still patrol separately, but share radio frequencies and intelligence briefings with their colleagues.

One RMP officer and one member of the MOD police have been made available for regular patrols, but Hertfordshire Police are able to draw on further officers if there is a need and if they are free.

Positive feedback

The move comes as the government introduces tough new measures designed to crack down on drunken violence in the country's town and city centres.

Drinking bans, Alcohol Disorder Zones and new powers to shut pubs and clubs at the centre of trouble are all being proposed by the Home Office.

Mr Partridge said: "I'm trying to do the best I can for the people locally. This gives that extra presence that people like to see.

"It gives me more flexibility in how I can target my resources because I get a surplus at certain times.

"The feedback from the public and local councillors has been positive."
a good idea but why should our lads have to backfill civvys,so am i right in saying that the civvy police will help out in the sandpit ,i do not think so
Not a new idea though - in pretty well all the major military towns (Catterick, Alders, etc) Monkey Patrols were always out on the weekends, and in some BAOR towns too. Our civvie police saw some action in the 60/70s MM - Aden Cyprus etc. My concern is that they will be restricted in "handling" these chavs no doubt...
I thought there was a policy where MOD police can assist local police if requested. I am not sure where the RMP stand when it comes to dealing with members of the general public who are not MOD. Could this be why they patrol on their own but monitor the radio so they can deal with MOD personnel? whilst the MOD police patrol with local officers.
As for the backfilling of civvy police comment.. any help greatfully received would be the answer. Also if those involved are military then surely it makes sense for MOD to be on hand to deal with them?
mens-meze said:
a good idea but why should our lads have to backfill civvys,so am i right in saying that the civvy police will help out in the sandpit ,i do not think so
You are right in saying civvy police will be in the sandpit, they are there training the new Iraqi Police force :wink:
This is not a new concept with regards to joint policing it happens in a number of locations, including Germany. In response to what the 'monkeys' can do with respect to civvies, quite simple a Constable can call upon any person to assist him in the execution of his duties, RMP are therefore called upon to assist, an example of this is whilst on a UK posting I was monitoring the UK civpol radio and a violent incident involving baseball bats was called through, there were no civpol units available so I offered my patrol, the control room accepted and off we went. Upon arriving a bloke was beating his father with said baseball bat and i intervened, in a polite friendly policeman like way of course :) , I then made a citizens arrest and due to the fact I am a home office instructor in the restraint and protection devices available to me at that time, I hand cuffed him placed him in my patrol vehicle and waited for the civilian police unit to arrive. No problems.

As for should we (RMP) be doing the joint patrols, I think yes, we have a responsibility to Police the Armed Forces irrespective of where they serve and it can only do us good.

I hope this helps


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Sounds like a good idea to me - but why not make them 'Special Constables' so that they have the legal power to deal with chavs as and when necessary. I believe this is done in the Falklands.


Strikes me that the Old Bill are a tad short handed. Besides the 'Speshuls', they've got Community Safety Officers (policing on the cheap?) and now they wish to draw from the Army.

Is this not putting a strain on our 'long armed hairy bretheren' givien that they spend a substantial time occupied in other areas? My cousin is a Monkey and listening to him, I'm glad that I'm not.

What's the score with the MOD PLOD.........why can't they just provide the support, they are after all civilian policemen and this is after all a civilian matter?

I suppose the upshot is that the Monkeys might learn something...........like how to speak to people in a civil manner.
Methinks there is a business venture coming up - for wait for it... some sort of erm... private owned security force, or does that sound familiar?? (I'm sure the privatised prison services could moonlight)


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Is it not the case that in Aldershot, the RMP have civdiv police status? They did have back in 84.

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