Drunk. Wind up. 50 pager?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mikepara, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Just started a thread on follow Follow. A sob story about how disappointing my daughters are. I'm just wondering if it'll make 50 pages.

    Shouldn't post shite when your drunk but the're already at the show us pics and strap on stage. Squaddie humour I think they call it.

    Just lively debate based around a piece of made up rubbish but no rules broken.
  2. So show us pics with strap ons then! Doesnt have to be your daughters but you cant disappoint us now.

    I will state that both participants in the photo must be female, ive seen some nasty things involving a strap on which i wish to erase from memory
  3. Haha, NO GASH shots rules would apply. It certainly wouldn't be my daughters anyhow!

    I was listening to some bloke in the bar talking about how disappointed he was as one of his sons had become a copper and he hated them and the other was an arse bandit. (his words) His boyfriend was a half Irish black bloke. So I swapped it a bit for artistic licence. said one of my daughters was a red cap and I'm gutted about it the other a lesbian. God my daughters would disown me for even thinking such a thing. Bless them. Still a wind up's a wind up.
  4. If the monkeys the dominant one i might consider paying good money to watch a filthy mud wrestle followed by a beating and a right good seeing to. With strap on of course
  5. Any chance of a link?
  6. Another ARRSE gold-mine waiting to happen, I see. Are you actually disappointed with your daughters and can we all have some pictures so that we can share in your disappointment please?
  7. No, I'm perfectly happy with my daughters. Though the bit about hating RMP was true. A Bushmills induced wind up. However it appears its been pulled so time, drink & effort wasted. Better luck next time I'm drunk.
  8. a link would be nice..
  9. A link to what? What part of It's been pulled do you not get?
  10. Quite a few dicks would have been pulled if we'd have got pics..:)