Drunk Walking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Over on Freakonomics The Perils of Drunk Walking: A New Marketplace Podcast
    I'd not thought of drunk walking as a particularly dangerous leisure time activity compared to the casual boozy driving of my father's generation, that often left cars parked in highly unconventional locations and occasionally jumped over ditches to escape the law.

    But now that I think of it besides the usual perils of street fights, getting mugged etc there was a taxi driver in my home town who twice ran over folk who chosen to take a Glasgow style snooze in the middle of the road. Friends have had confused drunks bounce off their cars. And one once took me home as I had failed the challenge of scaling the pub stairs. It is horrendously dangerous to stumble around peshed.

    Myself I've often chosen to walk a few miles after closing rather than attempting to sober enough to drive, being too mean to take a taxi and I had thought that prudent.

    With the perils of drunk walking it's not just the sensory deprivation and loss of motor coordination that make driving challenging, its the Dutch courage as well. As a youth it sometimes turned into drunk running away from unwisely abused skinheads, taking a midnight stroll in some ethno-sectarian hot spot, taking to river as a means of finding my unfamiliar way to a hotel, attempts at bull vaulting and even drunk climbing, coming too my senses on some lofty ledge. This was all part of the fun of course.
  2. Avoid the issue by rolling home after a night out.

    It's safe, it's free and there's not a thing the rozzers can do about it.

  3. Bollocks! I 'walk' home after long boozy sessions all the time, and as yet remain un-scratched. As long as its under 6miles I'll attempt to make it back using my legs, although I have been known to arrive home at the same time people are leaving for work...
  4. My dad calls it the spiderman walk when your that pished as your normally crawling along the walls to keep you upright.
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  5. If you are able to walk then you aren't drunk enough.
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  6. The test i use for knowing my level of pissedness is this - you know the feeling when you walk up a flight of stairs in the dark and take one step too many therefore lunge forward well when every step feels like that ...you're pissed !
  7. Yes there is D.D, we'll pick u up and roll you into a cab and you can happily bimble off back to your bedspace for a big wank.
  8. I like the one Cpt Plume mentioned the other day were the tom was too pished to walk back to camp so jumped in the river only it flowed in the wrong direction from the camp.
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  9. I tried a 30 miler once reckoning on 4 miles an hour but not compensating for drink related zigzagging or the polizei picking me up on the autobahn and taking back a few miles to a safer spot. Was sober at about half way and took the early train home.
  10. Isn't it known as Rat Arrsed?