Drunk Walking To Be A Crime?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    From Melbourne Australia? Take a wild guess.
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  2. Brilliant idea. You'd have to stay in the boozer until you'd drunk yourself back sober.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  4. I think it's a smashing idea... As long as the new "Drink Walking" law includes a repeal of the drink driving law, then everyone can just get shit faced and play dodgems all the way home! It will be a scream I tell you.
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  5. Don't put ideas in our governments head to fleece us any further, we already have a bedroom and rotisserie chicken tax about to hit our pockets.
  6. Fair call.
  7. If they bring that in over here that's me fucked.

    Does he work for a taxi firm by any chance?
  8. That's me done then. I walk to my bar 90% of the time, saves me the major issues of getting a DUI, including possible loss of my job.

    I did learn about what a lousy DUI law my state has recently, however. In the past, when venturing abroad to bars some distance from me, I've done what I thought was the responsible thing--gotten in the back of my Jeep, covered up in a blanket I keep back there in case of winter emergency, and slept it off til I was right to drive again. Cop I drink with informed me a couple months back that I was guilty of DUI under Missouri law. He says that if you are in your car, with your keys, you are considered to be in control of the car, and are DUI. He told me "Best thing is to hide your keys in a wheel well or somewhere so if they try to bust you, you are legally not in control of the vehicle." Gee, so much for being a good citizen.
  9. Hate to break the news to you but its been an offence to be drunk in public since 1872 in England and Wales and to the best of my knowledge the legislation although dormant, has not been repealed.

    Drink Walking isn't the problem. Drink texting the ex as you drink walk home asking her to give you a lift home, via hers is where it gets a bit iffy.
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  10. Drunk texting? The correct procedure is to declare your love for her then become incredibly indignant over the fact she's having a shitty on with you because its 3am. Counter by mumbling and throwing up then ask for a quick shag. Cue her new bloke grabbing the phone and mouthing off to you where you announce you were balls deep in her in the back of your pick up truck in a car park when she was out drinking last week. Cue lots of swearing, the phone hangs up and you stumble home and have a quick piss against a tree, or a lamp post, something tall.
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  11. Which, if the Emporer Mong has got his wits about him, will be the local copper......

    P.S. note spelling of "Cue". Sorry.
  12. Where will the drunk smokers go for a fag?
  13. The law is similar in the UK.

    A while back in the US (near Raleigh, SC) I was strolling across from the apartment I was staying in to go to the local bar. I got stopped by the cops and asked what the hell I was doing. Explained that I was off to have a meal and a few sherbets. They seemed amazed at the idea that someone would walk so that they wouldn't have to drink drive. It wasn't even far, less than half a mile.