drunk student who pi55ed on war grave is sentenced

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flynavy, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. As always, beak talks tough, 'you are facing a custodial sentence' but when it comes to the time, lets the cvnt go with a slap on the wrist.
  2. Do you think that every drunk squaddie who gets arrested should also be sent to prison?
  3. Pathetic! :x

    250 hours community service not enough, I think he should at least have to serve it with the veterens and the elderly who fought in the wars and lost family/ commrades to which he then disgraced.

    What is the country coming to :oops:
  4. 250 hours in Afghan might of sorted him out
  5. Senetence probably about right.

    What purpose would a custodial sentence serve? Furthermore, does pissing in public, which every soldier worth his salt has done at sometime or another, merit custody?

    The fact that it is a war memorial, and the nation is outraged, is immaterial. Or are we seriously suggesting that sentencing should be based upon the relative importance of somebody or something eg a more severe sentence for mugging Gordon Brown than for Billy Nobody? Or that pissing on a war memorial is a worst crime than pissing up against a taxi firm wall?
  6. The only sentence that should have is having your drinks bought all night....
  7. Did'nt some one mention on the first thread of this, that after he is sentenced, his university was also going to punish him, be interesting to see what they actually do if they do anything!
  8. At least he could be made to clean up the pish, puke, blood and sh*te produced by other Puking Chavs after a wekends revelry. This is possibly a First Offence, so a Community Order is probably what is an average sentence. He should also be made to clean and polish all the War Memorials that can be found, so it reminds him of others sacrifices.....

    So, the Outrage Bus, Taxi and Charabanc can all be reversed back into the Outage Garage for the time being....
  9. Hmm I got fined £60 (90's!) in Brecon for pi55ing through Specsavers letterbox - but there wasn't a memorial to the dead in there
  10. Absolute b*llocks, Combat Baby, as much as Id like to spend the rest of my life doing obscene things to your pretty little bottom and p*ssy I dont agree this lad should have been jailed........

    He f*cked up, quite badly to be honest but Jesus Christ, he is evidently not a bad lad as such, especially compared to the denizons of tracksuit clad c*nts that haunt the streets of this nation at present, I bet he feels f*cking rats about what he has done, I bet he wakes every morning with an ache that is uncomparable in his stomach, also, in fact, I bet that he has never not fully regretted a single thing as much as this act in his life, hopefully, one day, when he qualifies he will be an assett to this country, but slinging a booze addled middle class f*ckwitt in jail for p*ssing on a monument would serve no person, no purpose....
  11. Pathetic? I've seen a burglar who was caught as a passenger in a stolen car (stolen in a burglary that he was involved in) that crashed during a Police pursuit get less. He even punched the Police officer who detained him and escaped custody before being caught minutes later (By me :wink: ).

    250 hours is a good result in this day and age (As sh1t as that is). We already have next to no prison spaces left. Why would you want to fill what few spaces we have with somebody who was basically D&D.

    Edit to add: I discussed this with a ex RN colleague not long back who asked what is worse. P1ssing on a war memorial or p1ssing through someones letter box (Which is exactly what he coughed to doing as a young recruit). Discuss?
  12. Let's put 250 hours Community service into perspective.

    That's 31.25 x 8hr days or 1.5 full time working months

    Do you reckon he'll get the point after painting/cleaning/picking up litter/crap jobs for a month and a half of full time work without receiving a penny? I reckon so.

    There may be those, with more experience :wink: of community service than I, and say that it's a cop-out or easy or whatever, but personally I'd hate to be fucked about for so long.

    But looking at the crime and leaving emotion aside, he had a piss and got caught. He was bladdered, extremely apologetic when he sobbered up and very very remorseful. How many of us have watered the flowers in some way or other that could be construed as distasteful or offensive to some. I have all around the world and am mostly proud of the majority of them and the others ... :oops:
    I had a lash in a York alleyway and it cost me a £80 fine.
    I suspect the home owners would have expected more but as their stinky alley had no real emotive connotations that was all I got.

    There's been out-of-control and or distracted motorists who have killed people and got less then this.
  13. That's about sums it up..........
  14. Correct . If he'd just pissed against a wall he'd be let off with a fixed penalty fine