Drunk Squaddies.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. this is not a guantanamo pic, heres a little piccy of one of my unit colleagues a little worse for wear at his end of cource pis*up. :twisted:


    good result for about 4 liters of cider and about 5 stellas.

    way to go woody, just to let you know larger pics have been printed off and will be posted up on the sqn boards by next wends night :)

    anyone else got piccys of thier mates 'looking for o'rourke'??
  2. Why are hs shreddies lowered?
    You didn't take advantage while he was insensible did you?????
  3. Why did you pull his shreddies down? Royal Marines?
  4. 4 liters of cider and about 5 stellas and he's in that state?
    Are you sure he's not RAF the lightweight poof.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Reminds me of when I had a night on the piss on my DCs course, one of the lads had too much and left early, when I arrived back at the block he was sat asleep on the urinal where he had shat, pissed and puked himself, good drills all round and glad to see the spirit is still flowing
  6. Not RM - he'd be fully unclothed, not RAF either - a shandy would have been enough to knock him out ;)
  7. Whilst I aplaud the use of the modified recovery position I am disgusted to see no one had the forethought to insert some form of flower or bicycle between the checks of that man's arse!

    BTW 'Woody', man the fcuk up you ponce and learn how to hold your booze you cider drinking girl!
  8. Along with a big bad book of how to hold your booze, he also needs some Immac on that hairy arse of his.
  9. We all know what you would have inserted between the cheeks of his arse don't we?

    What unit is our drunken friend from?
  10. Bit hard to tell from the headgear really! :D

  11. How whould you know :?
  12. I thought airfix might recognize the arse.
  13. Is anyone else getting "disturbing" adverts at the bottom of the page?
  14. How do you define "disturbing"?

    Just now I had one for 1stEasy.com in muted shades of blue.

    It was followed by an ad for GayMilitaryDating.

    EDITThe latest was MilitaryLoveLinks.com?
  15. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    You mean "Gay Military Dating"?