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drunk questionnaire

How big a steamer are you??? Answer y or n to each question bearing in mind they all refer to when you are pished

Enter y or n
Have you ever said "oh come on stay out for one more!!" ? 0
Have you ever fallen down whilst being a little drunk? 0
Ever tried inserting a condom/balloon up your nose and getting it out your mouth? 0
Have you ever made a Punch that was a little too strong? 0
Have you drunkenly snogged a pals burd/bloke ? 0
Ever Climbed a statue to place a traffic cone strategically on its head/body? 0
Ever made a pass at a friends parent when steamin? 0
Ever purchased a doner kebab? 0
Have you accidentally set fire to yourself or your flat when pished? 0
Injured yourself whilst drunkenly showing your 'moves' 0
Woke up after a party with no idea where you are? 0
Woke up semi naked after a party beside a complete stranger? 0
Snogged a good lookin babe/dude who turned out to be a dog 0
ever had a taxi driver refuse you entry for being too drunk ? 0
ever 'lost' your mates in a club only to find 'brand new' ones ? 0
Ever drunkenly told someone you "Really, really, REALLY love them" 0
Have you ever drunkenly insulted your boss/senior management 0
Ever split up with burd/bloke when drunk only to grovel the next day? 0
Have you ever woken up with sick in your hair 0
Have you ever been sick in a bed (not necessarily your own) 0
Woken up in a bath? Not necessarilly full 0
Do you take your cans back from the party that you haven’t drunk? 0
Have you ever drank on a bus? 0
Have you ever let slip a little wee in the bed when semi conscious or asleep? 0
Do you measure your wages in beer shillings? 0
Worn a pair of pants (don’t have to be yours) on your head for a "laff" 0
Created a big scene on a nite out to which you have no memory of the next day? 0
Ever "followed thru" (wet fart or worse) when particularly goosed? 0
spent your taxi/bus fare home on drinks and had to walk home? 0
Have you ever lusted after any type of animal when honking drunk (eg badger)? 0
Ever drank from a can or bottle at a party that has been used as an ashtray? 0
Have you ever shaved any of your hair off when tiddly? 0
Snogged a same sex friend "as a joke/for a laff" on a night out? 0
Came home minus a shoe from a party or night out? 0
Have you fell asleep "on the job"? 0
Mooned the police (posh folk that means baring your chuff at the filth) 0
Taken your top clothing off in a pub/club and paraded about bare chested? 0
Attempted to get your friend to unwittingly drink your urine? 0
Turned up to work absolutely incapable of speech/rational thought and mingin of drink? 0
Have you ever peed somwhere you assumed to be the toilet but wasn’t? 0
Scroll down for your percentage!

Oh dear you are 0% Steamer!!

Scotty Dawg!

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