Drunk?? Me!!!!

Do you know, I had a Hangover on Saturday that could have killed a Gazelle Flight!!!!!!

Sorry, but the Banter had dried up!!!!!
To feel as fresh and clear as the rising sun is wonderful (albeit boring), but to feel as groggy and horrible as you say - well at least u know you are living!!!!!
Someone let you sniff the bottle cap Murphs?
Something like that, yeah!!!

Gaz pilot, much as it pains me to talk to 'Your kind', Do I know you!!!?
BWAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!, LOL :D :D :D :D :D :D,

Thats what I love about being in the Army!!!

Et touche Markus

Regards N Genfire

PS who told you we went to weight watchers? we only go to check we are all eating our own body weight  a day!!!

(Edit due to laughing like a Hyena and not being able to spell through tears)
Don't you have to be a woman to enrol at Weightwatchers?
Now dont you start on me either woops, being a floppy meister yourself you would not understand the intracasies (cannot be arsed to spellcheck) of weight management, the torque meisters C og G is highly dependant on the pilot to Bun ratio, vis a vis two pax = 4 pies and a packet of creamy dodgers. USL = 10 pies replenished after an hour if under 60kts for more than 5 mins (If little chef available 6 all day breakfasts will suffice).

N Genfire


War Hero
I am sure Murphy spent a spell in araldite pursuit ships a while ago, must have been one hell of a diet!!!!!!
NGen....correction, that would be "arrsed" mate, you of all people should know how to spell that being such a lard....

Point made?

You know NGen is diversifying into DJing and record producing?...he's calling himself Fatboy Fat
I think you will find it has already been done by the flyingrock(Cake)DJ m8

see above

N Genfire

PS could not open the attachment on your last e mail rocky baby, what format is it in, or have you sent me a Virus?
What perverse activity have you been engaging in to get a virus from FRDJ then NGen?

Visit to the STD clinic for you then? Remember not to scratch!
Hmmmmmmmm hangover:  

But if we must.......

NOw if you had said that you were stripped naked and tied to a lamp post, now that might have been more interesting. Perhaps you can sort yourself out with a light snack
Ah Woopert,you want to see Murph tied to a lamp-post NAKED!! Are you mad or is your sexuality finally coming out into the open? :eek:

Murph  avoid hangovers,stay drunk! ;D
NGen told me Murph has huge breasts.......
No, I said Murph Loved Huge Breasts, wether they be his or anybody elses,

I dont drink any more.....................or any less

woops hit his limit years ago and just keeps topping up now.

Regards N Genfire

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