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Drummer Thomas Flinn VC

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by the_matelot, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. The following extract appeared in my local rag around Xmas time and the parents kept it for me. It's definitely a positive step ahead however it's a crying shame that the VC Medal awarded to possibly the youngest VC Recipient ever is missing.

    Drummer Flinn is buried in common ground in Cornamagh Cemetery less than 1/2 mile as the crow flies from where I spent the first 17 1/2 years of my life and I was never aware of this. I managed to take pictures of where he is buried the last time I was home and I will try and upload them as soon as possible.

    Copyright Westmeath Independent

    As far as I'm aware, his VC Medal is missing which is a bloody shame. Does anyone know who is directing this supposed new campaign? I'd be more than glad to help in whatever way I could. It's the least that could be done to remember this soldier's memory in a way that he deserves.
  2. t_m I'm by no means an expert on Irish VC winners but the following points may be of further interest to you.

    In all, 8 VC's were removed / forfeited/ confiscated from their owners, 3 of whom were Irishmen.

    I very much doubt that Thomas's VC was "confiscated by the Guardians" as the article says. I surmise that the author is confusing his medal with his pension. As for the medal's whereabouts, I'd very confidently suggest that it's either in a metal box in the depths of an MOD office with the others or is in the collection of an MP famed for his collection of VC's.

    There is a book on Irish VC holders written by the Derry military historian, Richard Doherty. Well worth a look if you haven't as yet come across it.
  3. Alec,

    Cheers for that. I was aware that there was a book on Irish VC Winners but it's on my list of books to read!

    However, there doesn't seem to be a record of where the medal is either being held by MOD or in someone's collection.

    I have contacted Lord Ashcroft by email as well and await his reply!