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OK, thought this would be the best place to ask.

I don't know much about bandsmen ranks apart from the existence of Drum Major and Pipe Major- that's it for me. Sod's law, i get the task of ordering a rank slide for a future drum major. As i've never seen the rank insignia before, i don't really know what i'm designing to be made.

I know that it's four stripes pointing upwards (a la american style) but i've seen a crown above them claiming to be drum major, a drum above and a crown and a drum. Instinct tells me that Crown and drum is senior to just drum or just crown. But that is irrelevant. What i need to know is what i put on top for a Drum Major being promoted from Sergeant- drum or crown? And if it matters it's for a Cheshire Regiment badged cadet unit.

And caould somebody please explain the difference between the crown and drum and show me other bandsmens ranks, possibly with a picture(s)??
Try contacting Redfern barracks just outside Edingbrough they are the Army school of pipes and drums, or the Army School of Music, or your own Regt / Corps band they should be able to help will all your questions. All numbers are available through the MoD operator.

Hope this helps,
Not the whole answer, but something to take you further.

Drum Major appointment (note - it's not a rank) carries four inverted chevrons topped by a drum. On wrist bands for shirt sleeves the drum was upon the chevrons. The rank ought really to be Sjt & above, but sometimes you'll get a corporal appointed. When the D/Major is a WO he will wear the crown above the Drum.

The badge is one of the few remaining (also IIRC Cpl of Horse) from late Victorians, when RSM also had 4 chevrons. Drum Major temporarily disappeared and became Serjeant Drummer, the 1902? manual (every home should have one) was about this time.

Where you'll get a slide I know not - I'll ask on Sunday .....
The four with just a crown above them is a Corporal Major (WO1) from the Household Cavalry.

The one you want is the 4 with a drum, or if they are a WO then with the crown and drum.

However, as a cadet, so as to not get pulled up for it, obtain an ACF brass shoulder title and affix it beneath the stripes, doesn't look bad and covers you on the ACF front.

Erm... so what's four inverted stripes surmounted by a goat? (I saw that in a film once)
Corporal of Goat :lol:

I think it might be Goat Major, I jest you not!

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