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Hi all,

I'm from Australia and find myself in London from the 26th of September to the 8th of October and I was hoping during that time to see the royal Drum horses. I breed Drum horses over here and would like to kit one up to show the public what their military duties are. Getting to meet the horses and drummers would be invaluable! I have no idea how to go about it though.
I know they're stabled at Knightsbridge and occasionally will excerise in Hyde park, but imagine it would be rude to just walk up and say hi. Or even worse follow them around, they might confuse me for a terrorist or an ex-girlfriend stalking them (I don't know which would be worse, lol!). So if anyone knows who I should contact, any help would be massively appreciated!! :)


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I would have suggested writing to the Adjutant of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment ( they like that formal kind of stuff). But as you seem to be short on time I would suggest a phone call during office hours to the Adj explaining your interest. Failing that try the Riding Master they are usually Ex Rankers so quite sensible and happy to talk to fellow enthusiasts. I've never tried but I'm sure you should be able to get at least a switchboard number from directory enquiries. Good luck.

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