Druid letter to 14


Letter sent to CO 14 Sigs to aid the spotting of roadside bombs in Iraq.


Don't the Guards already carry "Edited as I am sure you all know why" in their rear on ceremonial duties?

Bugger, is this an OPSEC issue?

MODS, delete as appropriate!

Edited by ISG
When i need advice on where the speed cameras are i tend to rely on my Tom Tom to tell me. I'm surprised Garmin/Tom Tom etc havent picked up on this idea yet - the IED plug in for your GPS.
I think that getting someone to walk in front of a convoy with a bendy stick is a top idea. Could be worth a submision to Gems at least
Perhaps it could be a back up to higher tech systems? DRUID - Device Reversionary, Undiscovered IEDs Discovering??
Perhaps theres something in it, this is an excerpt from a Beirut blogger.

On Dowsing Rods & Bomb Detectors

I do not watch TV very often; lack of interest. I watch Lebanese TV even less. Not because of a lack of interest, but because I command the ‘common version’ of Arabic, the spoken version, or colloquial dialect, whereas the news is read in the classical version.

So what I saw this morning on a Lebanese channel may be old news to you, but it sure got my attention. It starts off as the latest Hollywood blockbuster; a fantastic display of exploding cars and houses that are blown to smithereens. You expect Bruce Willis to show up in DieHard number 5.
No such thing. It’s an advertisement, reminding you that if you really want to protect your loved ones from car bombs, you have to buy their explosive detector. Requires no batteries or electricity, and detects bombs up to 300 meters! I kid you not.

They are a common sight in Beirut these days when entering parking lots of malls and cinemas, or the private grounds of hotels, beaches and the likes.

I must say, they do not instill much hope, as they look decisively like dowsing rods, those odd little devises you use to find water. Or so some people believe. I think spotting a car bomb is pretty much in that field of science anyway. In London they spot two in one night. In Lebanon they spot that many in two-and-a-half years. Most of them we miss though.
I noticed that several buildings in my neighborhood have invested in a ‘security guard’. Nothing serious, not a guy in uniform, but someone who watches over who parks their car in front of the building and then walks away. I am not sure what the profile of a car bomber is.
I’d be interested to know though.
.. but was it her left "dowsing pendulum" or her right one?? :D
Well whatever you say at least Sidney is sincere in what he says and is
one of the few who will admit to actually caring for the troops.

Remember, flying to the moon was once a far fetched concept along with
speeds in excess of 30mph would suffocate you and DEW.

hairyhandbag said:
Well whatever you say at least Sidney is sincere in what he says and is
one of the few who will admit to actually caring for the troops.


Quite right. There are enough t0ssers out there without us having to take the p1ss out of somebody who seems to genuinely care.

Although I wouldn't fancy a job dowsing for command detonated IEDs, I have found that dowsing does work. I've found various pipes and electrical cables etc underground using the two coat hanger method. I think those on here who know me would vouch for the fact that whatever my faults I'm not prone to new-age wibblings.

I've no idea how it works and the first time I tried it I was astonished being a cynical type at heart. Does work pretty well though.

Get two pieces of wire (coat hanger etc) and make two "L" shapes, with the long side about 18" and the short side about 6". They should both be the same dimensions.
Hold one in each hand, making a loose fist so they are free to revolve. Keep your elbows at your waist with your forearms pointing forward, fists upright about 12" apart.

They can be fitted in tubes like the ones in this picture but it doesn't make any difference except convince you that you're not twisting them yourself.

Start walking slowly and notice that the rods seem to develop a life of their own. They may cross or uncross as you pass a feature but it's the change that you notice.

I'd keep the forearms more horizontal than in this pic.

A good test is to go to somewhere where another person knows the location of underground utilities. They can confirm whether your results tie in to underground features.

Give it a go before you dismiss it.

Still wouldn't go hunting for IEDs that someone is waiting to detonate though!
Unfortunately the Tech Adj has beaten the local druids to it at 14 with his use of Andy the Spar shop worker.

There are plans to strap him to the front of the rover multiple on the next deployment to Herrick.
Dowsing does work for certain things, water companies make frequent commercial use of them.
Bloke seems to be genuinely trying to help, more power to him regardless of what he calls his religion

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