Hi, wonder if anyone can help me on this one. I am interested in joining the army, infact I have already submitted my application. However when i was younger i misused drugs for about 6 months and this is on my medical records. I have not used drugs since, will this affect my chances of being accepted into the army? :?
You could always try to join a Scottish regiment. With illegal substances on your medical records you should get in straight away as a lance corporal. If it's smack you may be accepted as a Sergeant!
best thing to do is talk to your recruitment office fella there gonna ask you about drugs miss use anyway so it will be brought up drugs not tolerated there are threads already on here for this topic check em out
As long as you admit it(or admitted it in this case) during your initial application, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. Thats if you medical records show that you havent got 2 arrses or something due to drug misuse.
andjan said:
no just the 1 arsse as far as I'm aware
32308 members of arrse beg to differ.

Take a hike big man.
Fallschirmjager I wouldnt put your photo on your avator mate we all recognise you when your in Colchester next time :D

Regards to drugs it all depends what class of drug it was and also what actions your GP had to do. Just make sure that you tell your Recruiter, senior recruiter, SMO and PSO at selection that you had tried them years ago and fully regret taking them and you should be ok. Also know the Army drug policy and tell them you are aware of CDT in the forces (explain in detail) and that you wont touch them again. I would say that around 60 % of potential applicants who applied through my ACIO admitted to trying drugs as a kid (quite alarming really) As long as you steer clear of them once you make an application and also in the Army then everything will be fine. Either speak to your Recruiter or PM me if you have any specific questions about CDT (serious questions only I dont want snail or threaders_vm askingme advice on where to get stuff from please :wink: )
Don't worry about it tell them it was a mistake and you regret it, depending on how long ago you took them you should be accepted but expect a time bar, if you took them recently they might ask you to come back in 6 months to a year pending on how long ago you misused. But go in be honest you'll be surprised, it's quite a common thing these days. Good luck!

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