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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to join the REME, (av tech) passed all my BARB test (77), recruiters interview etc.

    There is however one nagging thought on my mind,
    up until 2 months ago i was playing for a premiership rugby acadamy, but was constantly being told i was too small to make it.

    After much deliberation and research i did a short cycle of steroids (please do not judge me for this, it is something i have done in my past, after much research, it wasn't just for egotistical purposes.)
    However will the drugs tests test for performance enhancing drugs?
    my understanding is that they only test for illegal drugs?

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. Any drug thats going to enhance your training/make it easier, or just to get you high is classed as illegal and you wont get in.
  3. Not all steroids are performance-enhancing; hydrocortisone cream, for example, prescribed by GPs for all sorts of minor skin issues.

    Be honest, as these things have a nasty habit of hanging around in the body. I'm sure they'll have seen much worse.
  4. I think you should be more worried about if anyone will see your tiny pecker!
  5. They wont stay in you're system forever .....when did u finish ur cycle ?

  6. not quite so, there are a number of 'drugs' that could enhance your training that are not illegal, likewise some are not illegal but are controlled, for example, creatin, which can be used to aid the recovery of muscles after training, theoretically making it possible to do harder workouts more often, as your muscle will be repaired quicker after each session, however that does not make it illegal, but even legal things such as creatin do get picked up in a c.d.t. and you will receive a report showing that is was found.
  7. Considering it's naturally synthesized in the body from amino acids & thus subsequently found in your system regardless of supplementation I'd be curious as to why they'd be screening for by-product creatinine in a CDT.

    *Edited to add; detection time (if the army screens for AAS) is subject to the particular substance / stack used, it can range anywhere from a few days to 18 months, so you'd have to say what exactly it was that you used.
  8. pass, don't know why it was picked up, the only reason i can think of is that a generic test is performed that does a complete breakdown analysis of contents of sample, then anything specified as banned and/or above normal levels is then flagged up. It was funny when the guy in my troop got picked up for creatine though, as the troopy was in wind-up mode and called him into the office for a bolloking, due to results, then hands letter over. it did show that the reading was very high (cant remember what) but did give the measurements of amounts found!!!
  9. im pretty sure you dont get your first drugs test untill the 8th week i was told this last week by a platoon sergant, which is the only drugstest you are warned about,you will not be drug tested at selection.

    what steroid did you use? if it was anything nandrlone based like deca etc it can be detected for up to 18 months,if it was say dianbol an you have finished the cycle an your hpta has made a recovery i very much doubt you will test possitive by the time you get to basic etc.
    just stop now an i hope you are doing or have done pct

    :) good luck mate
  10. Is that why they take a urine sample at selection then?
  11. They aren't testing for drugs, they are testing for proteins and blood as far as I know.
  12. In a word mate no. for a start they won't remain in your system for that long.

    secondly...they are looking for drugs of the 'recreational' variety.

    So don't worry about it.
  13. Doesnt matter, honesty at all times, If you dont mention this and you get pinged on a drugs test you will be shown the door. Its called INTEGRITY. Dont be a knob, declare it. If its before you join up and you're found to be clear on your medical then you shouldnt have too much to worry about.
  14. How do you know they dont do a test for drugs?
  15. Best advice is to be honest. When I was joining up first time. I was honest with the Sgt at the careers office about the drugs I'd taken although only recreational. He made it clear that it was far too big a risk to be picked up on the CDT. And wouldn't put me forward until they were out of my system. A couple of months later it was down to Bassingbourne. I just used the extra time to work on my fitness. It's nowt to be ashamed of just be honest and use the extra time to your advantage.